Tweets about a recent trend: SIGN THEM

@Nancee_Cain Coming in the New Year! I'm going to sign them then
RT @CadyMcClain: Check out the DVD & Blu-Ray Perks of @thejonlindstrom's movie "How We Got Away With It!" Jon & I will sign them!โ€ฆ
2 new players today twins from Congu 2 very talented footballers one's called Steven the other Gerrard #Ikidyounot excited to sign them on!!
Sign them all ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
Did your kids take part? If not, why not sign them up for next year? @AcornsHospice #AcornsSantaRun
@tehdago "Promote 3 youth players to 1st team same season u sign them, grow em by 10 overall & play em in 20 matches as starters or subs..."
@TheSteelCrew if they dont improve the defense doesnt matter how wether they sign them or not.
Gary Mills on Racine and Murphy 'we've worked hard to sign them' yeah I'm sure FGR were reluctant to send them your way Gary
RT @RosaBrighid: A lovely selection of prints. Now time to sign them and send them worldwide! #prints #proudmoment โœจโค๏ธ
Gully boy to gully boy !! Sign them up mr papas !!
Tolerant liberals tolerating disagreement. Oops, did someone forget to cover up their phone numbers? Oh, don't signโ€ฆ
@LaudrupsHair "Played for Watford, QPR or Brentford in the past few seasons? He's probably gonna sign them."
@GarryCarmody Sign them all up! I think the media have seen Frank's FM attribute filters (foreign with creativity) and made assumptions.
@boyley81 disappointed but understand why, I suspect Eve have someone they want to keep under wraps and they can't sign them until may
@tinyfiestygrey I couldn't sign them because I still had unresolved feelings for my ex wife at the time but it didn't help matters that I-
@AudaciousDoctor me that crap, Derek. You either wanted to sign them or you didn't and clearly you didn't. You never had any intentions -
@AudaciousDoctor *she stood stock still as he tried to explain, before whirling around* oh, so you tried to sign them and failed? Don't -
@DavidJo52951945 liberal women love this globally sign them up to be part of sharia law send a letter to Govt show them how willing they are
I wanna grab a random family that's at Disneyland and just sign them into the park I feel like that would be so cool hahaha
@JessicaPark24 And another quick question: If we sent our copies of FOL to you, would you be willing to sign them? We would die.
@Cricketbatcat can you sign them up but specify that theyโ€™re not to have any contact with Rodney Hogg?
For Christmas let's all send Alex Jones bags of our own shit and sign them from CIA who is with me
why is p3 $145 and all you get is a signed poster did they use rare octopus ink to sign them
@GooseTheGander He was one of those college free-agents that gets a lot of hype as teams try to sign them, but his star is falling rapidly.