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RT @RiceNews: California rice means more than $5 billion and 25,000 jobs to our state each year.
*Me eating a bowl of cauliflower rice* My Dad: That must be a atleast a thousand calories Yeah, totally a thousand calories
I want some fried rice & sushi😋😋
RT @abimabima: wishing you all the best, keep smiling and be healthy! 💪🏻 #KINGJACKSONDAY
Katsu style catfish with black garlic mayo, marinated cabbage and jasmine rice... #lifeofchris
Just venting ... because that was wonderful rice and pork in those enchiladas .... 😩
I want some meat an rice
Sugar alternatives: Raw Honey Stevia Dates Coconut Oil Maple Syrup Blackstrap Molasses Brown Rice Syrup.
@SteelCityVoice @SteveDiMiceli @JohnCPgh his headline when the rice news came out put him on my shit list permanently.
RT @ILYAAS_96: Respecting my mum, working my socks off, coming home on time, eating my rice and stew
RT @SaharaReporters: PHOTONEWS: Seized 30 Rice containers linked to Senator Hope Uzodinma fraudulently declared and smuggled into Nigeri…
Red Yeast Rice & Statin Alternative Not Harmless: A Natural Cholesterol… @dralexjimenez
$19.99 all you can eat, 8 meats and rice later, wheel me outta here b.
RT @AccuracyInMedia: Irony: @washingtonpost Susan Rice Op-Ed Blasted Trump for ‘False Statements,’ but Forgot about Her History…
Leftover Rice Could Give You Food Poisoning If You Don't Do This First:Fo..
966.a good [harvest] of rice ☞ 米の豊かな[収穫]
Fried rice is self-care
I finally succeeded in making rice today with the 2:1 water to rice and 20 min boiling 10 minutes steaming. Idk wtf I did before this
Brown rice fried in olive oil and butter with onions, asparagus, tomato, black pepper, salt, and Cajun seasoning.
Soup with rice at the bottom is the reason i wake up in the morning