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RT @CHEVRON_SPINDLE: コナンの映画は「こんなに有名なんだからコナンの設定ぐらい全員知ってるでしょ」とタカをくくらず毎回「俺は高校生探偵・工藤新一!黒ずくめの男たちに薬を飲まされて体が縮んでしまった!俺の正体を知るのは阿笠博士、服部平次、灰原哀…」みたいな基本情報を冒頭で説明してから始まるのでえらい。
RT @izyanizulkifli: Day 34. Today’s bekal is white rice and ayam masak lemak, courtesy of my mom’s cooking last night (Thank you, Mami!…
RT @lxchrstphr: Declan Rice calls a step-over a "shin feign".
We’re adding Chef Elliott’s Soulful Sunday menu on tomorrow, March 24. Oxtails w/gravy over a bed of rice Souther…
@milclark_ Rice and gravy 😂😂
RT @thebradfordfile: Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, James Comey, James Clapper, John Brennan, Adam Schiff, Peter Strzok, Christopher Ste…
@RatedRice Out with an injury, he’d start over Rice any day
RT @gimbakakanda: Jollof rice is the most overrated food ever!
Broccoli Rice 😁 @ Planta Toronto
Siomai Rice Siomai Rice, ako ay nagugutom gusto IKAW,, AYIIIEEEE HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
@VSynth I am not sure, I think one of those international stores where you can buy home made Asian food to-go (vegg…
RT @realayoadajo: CORRUPTION is when a man stopped you from eating FOREIGN RICE but goes to FOREIGN HOSPITALS for medical treatment. @segalink
RT @adachiyasushi: この幸田泉っていうジャーナリスト、 「大阪府と大阪市の二重行政を無くす」ために大阪市ごと無くすという前代未聞の自治体再編… って煽ってるけど、東京市に前例があること、大都市法という共産党以外の全政党が提出し賛成した法律に基づい…
RT @lxchrstphr: Declan Rice calls a step-over a "shin feign".
RT @gimbakakanda: Jollof rice is the most overrated food ever!
i literally can’t sleep because i’m craving fried rice that bad
RT @izyanizulkifli: Day31. Today’s bekal is white rice with sambal sardin, fried egg & steamed broccoli. For the dad, it’s ayam masak k…
RT @AleDiSensei: Real yaad man feed dem girl mackerel and rice den fuck back every rice grain outta har.
RT @Ahomka_Ginger: Weekly reminder that Pasta is greater than rice.
@GORI_ROCKET オーバフローすな〜〜〜!!(陣内
RT @TheJordanRachel: These people should be VERY worried: Barack Obama Hillary Clinton James Comey James Clapper John Brennan Adam Schi…