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@yoshynejem Shyne! Happy birthday dra nga side! Hahaha 😁😁😘😘
RT @glizzything: I'm still wit them same niggas
RT @JoelOsteen: Victory starts in your thinking. When you get up every morning, set your mind in the right direction.
😂😂🙌🏾🙌🏾 and we will praise u 4 the Rest of our dayyyysssss yes!
[Hot New]: Sonya Kay revient sur scène avec son nouveau single "À tes côtés" en collaboration avec Mr Shyne. Like...
RT @ENERGY_TAKU: Jahmiel - Strongest Soldier 人生山あり谷あり 色んな事があり、時に家族や友達と上手くいかない事もあるけど常に前を向いて進まないとダメだ お日様は常に照らしてくれてるから すぐに良い日がくるよ
Whers shyne at?? I'm not gone ask Siri's drunk ass .. I kno he got deported but I mean do anybody kno wat he doin now lol
@Shyne_3 then don't argue back 😕
Tired of the senseless arguing... 😪
RT @Judgment_Crush: 今度の日曜(19日)はNight Waxで"Soul Beat" !!! Shyne JとBase Lineの選曲、楽しみだな〜 みんなにも、関西を中心に頑張っている彼らを是非見てもらいたい ! Niceness Guarante…
Hellooo :) shyne🤞🏾 (onesinner)
RT @TroyAndretti: You look like the black student they put on university brochures to show diversity
@Shyne_Jap respect😂💕!!!!!
@Shyne_3 That's probably what the dude behind the account is saying😂 don't be mean to me