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@SizweDhlomo tune on to 107.2... I'm about to knock off I want to send you a shout out! 😂😂. Hurry, I only have one more link to present!!
RT @sheralynquinn: I can't contain the feeling! I want to shout "Thank You, Lord!!! Woooo!" 🙏🏻👆🏻
RT @BarstoolChief: Shout out to the @NJDevils fans. Probably more Devils fans in the UC last night than any away team I can remember besides maybe Buffalo.
RT @nathalia73: Shout out from your biggest fan. You guys are my second favorite couple after @MPetrillo18
RT @IndianAces: Shout out to all #Aces fans out there. Use #GoAces & let us know if you're tuned in
RT @kirstiealley: I mean, weird pic but my hair is 50% fuller now! No extensions, NO tricks..& I'm ancient :)…
glad he didn't but wld have loved to have seen @chalobah knock that Agrgie fucker right out. Lean over him and shout " proper Chels" at him.
@SJEvans_SCFC Should've started with him to be honest.. Shit shout from Bob
RT @bpi_music: Shout out to the #Directioners, 'This Town' by @NiallOfficial, has gone Silver this week! Huge congrats! #bpiAwards
RT @REVIVALWHO: 13- shout out to my ex o maior hino de superação que você respeita, foco nessa letra
RT @ChartLittleMix: Shout Out To My Ex Sales UK 497.000 USA 65.000 Aus 70.000 Germany 50.000 Neth 25.000 Sweden 15.000 Ire 15.000 Total: 737.000 (7 countries)
RT @HenricoSchools: Shout-out to the Highland Springs Springers...good luck in Saturday's state semifinal against Norview. 2pm in Highl…
RT @Blacktig4life: Big Shout Out 🎤🎤 To my Home girl Hannah @ClutchKitty23🎉 🎉🎉Congratulations & welcome to the 1K Club 🎈🎈🎈🎁🎀🎖🎁🎖💚💚💚👏👏👏
RT @chitrapadhi: #देश_विरोधी_नेता wil only shout ,stall and obstruct. They are an obstacle to Vikas .Eject ..Reject ..n flush them out of our sysrem.
RT @ReddinJennifer: As my phone chirps w/RTs from @DeathHouseMovie huge shout out to "social media guy"! Spreadin love of this #horror…
RT @hl_36: All mum does is shout, hoovers all the fucking time and makes a very average lasagna. But I love her still
Get a free shout out for your music to @PushPowerPromo followers!!
@SamHeughan how about a Birthday shout out to a fellow ginger??? Thanks ;)
RT @chefobubu: Where can i meet husband in Lagos... 2017 is not a year of joining you people to shout Scum upandan... edakun I'm looking for love😑
RT @Mixers_Army: Shout Out To My Ex is now certified PLATINUM in Australia for selling over 70,000!
@LugeAnnouncer Gret job as usual -- big shout out to @samueledney Congrats! School/focus/luge #perseverance Good Luck in the Relay!
He introduced me to the best team ever too, shout out to you lol