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Shout out for bo Mmapula Mmaphefo and Mmaserame...... Ur name today's doing its duty..
Shout out to my friend @hpasekkk , who has finally cracked his way into the world of showbiz 👏🏻👏🏻.
RT @ChijiVivians: Good thing #BBNaija is in SA. If not, Nigerians will storm the live show just to shout "Bisola! TTT is a married man!!!"
RT @tariqnasheed: Shout out to Simon & Schuster (who published my book "Play or Be Played" available on amazon #shamelessplug ) for dropping that book by Milo
#ContestAlert #Contest 1st question in next tweet! Give us a huge shout if you are ready for it. #IndieOnWynk
RT @SmileforlifeNE: A big shout out to Coop Wansbeck Road and Gosforth High Street as their local chosen charity! Thank you so much...
RT @sandearl: I find this truly shocking. Do we need to force the media to hold townhalls so we can shout at them to get moving o…
RT @ChaoAFGG: How loud do we have to shout for someone to act on this case??!!! #BringBackMichael @CJGEA @PresidentKE @CSNkaiserryJoseph 3days NOW!
お勧めシャウトッ! 秋葉原の男:初心者ならここへいけ! [+]Photo
@ty_sp021 私は家族の買い物に付き合わされています… 食べ物は目の前にあるのに 食べられないと言う拷問
@ErnieMarples Also you don't have to shout at the girl 1m away unless you want the recorder to hear.
We will be putting one #together but if anyone needs any help with organising one at home, work, church, etc just…
@LudgerBrinkmann can u put a pic of me in the shout out sexy??
RT @Mllemaximroy: Shout out to these accounts who are so sweet & supportive ❤💥🙏🏻 @MaximRoyUruguay @MaximRoyIta @MaximRoyFans @maxim_roy1 @MaximRoyNews
We bitch about poor service so I want to shout out about the great service from @GWRHelp I've had today. Very impressed.
RT @kandeejohnson: I see all these girls wearing waist-high exposed fishnets-shout out to the originator, style icon @gwenstefani who'…
Cute girls want a shout out? DM is open just DM me #Latina #whitegirls #BlackGirls #Mixedgirl #WCW#Whitegirlwednesday
@vocaIistjongin always welcome sissy shout my name nalang para mapansin name aq ni sehun xDd
Scream it shout it tell everybody that you're gonna leave. 💕
RT @AmazingPhil: LOL omg shout out to Casey who we just saw on a tv property show wearing our merch 😎👌
RT @papyrus_00: 観てよ、このカメラ男とパトランプ男の座り方。くそ萌えるんだけど
RT @ShapesOfRhythm: Shout out @Test_Pressing for giving "Himba" a spin on their @NTSlive show recently @BodyMovesBeats @tomcentral