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Shottas was so overhyped to me man.
Ça poulop comme dans Shottas
Hiii. . Glizzy Shots (madmax_shottas) :)
Private number call my phone say dat ima kill ya I told dat nigga I ain't hiding im probably in yo city #youngboy
I jump now ☝🏾☝🏾☝🏾 but mama ain't raise no B from the ancestors of mi true Shottas pull up y'all know what when been…
My hood growing up look like a scene from Shottas bro silence
damn I thought shottas was on Netflix.🙄
@DaddyIssuesDeo @omw2innisfree but shottas is my country's national film 😭😭
@SwayloJr @faggerella Shottas is the absolute worst movie I have ever seen
shottas never get old to me
RT @BigQdiddy: Bout to roll up & watch shottas 😈
Bout to roll up & watch shottas 😈
Closets shottas to my house is nassau street mdf 🤔
RT @SirStrange_: "I'm not letting my kid watch a gay cartoon" *kid has seen Shottas three times and knows it line for line*
Lol Just Watched Shottas🙄😂
Shottas my fav movie 😈💸💰
sair de casa sem flow eu nunca dou essas shottas.