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RT @hughs_elsa: Proud of my grandfathers gun store and shooting range
RT @timesofindia: Censor Board denies certification to ‘Lipstick Under My Burkha’ for being “lady-oriented"
RT @abc7marccr: UPDATE: Pregnant woman's unborn fetus deceased after shooting @ 77th & Raymond in South LA. She's unidentified, in…
RT @todd_farmer: This is 1/4th of my life. I'm shooting for 1/3rd. #math #science @Joshingtron @dani_vierra @millerd @Dolph_Lundgren
RT @LaurenWern: For advice, Trump consults w/ a conspiracy theorist who thinks the parents of victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary…
MLA Viswanath was solely responsible for the attack APMC said #VishwanathShamedBJP @ITNlive
@toxicbmxgtav @Fallendutch @RockstarGames i'd say shooting a gun and make the shell casings look like bombs ;-)
RT @thecoreyholcomb: It's always a racist white cop shooting non Caucasian pedestrians. Kids, don't matter if they are not white. Bigot…
RT @emmafreud: Coming later today... a competition to win an evening hanging out with us on the set of #rednosedayactually for the final day of shooting.
Bag Raiders - Shooting Stars | Synthesia piano tutorial: via @YouTube
RT @vexedmentals: all jokes aside, can't be mad at a woman shooting her shot at your man. the only person who owes your relationship respect is your partner.
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@HenryMakow The opposite of what they were shooting for. Oops.
RT @SteamyGoon: @WmWallace1911 pointed a pistol at them then shot in the air. spent enough time shooting 2 know that u don't point unless u intend to use
@Die__Trying_ @_MoCowBell_ Except for the Giffords shooting what has all the mass shootings have in common?They were all gun free zones,smh.
RT @treykerby: Dumbest pickup rule is not counting the shot if you call a foul while shooting.
@nana_wingzero お疲れ様!?うん!!めっちゃ面白いでしょwww
RT @chilHD: Jinyoung, "staffs and director helped me a lot. so i could recovered well and finished the shooting."
RT @chilHD: Jinyoung, "thr was small injury during the shooting. but i got treatment quickly and was able to continue shooting."