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RT @nohtaehyunfan: onsite the JBJ shooting for At Star 1.. their autumn atmosphere is amazing ;;
RT @guanlinnet: Seonho, Samuel and Youngmin were shooting for GS25, a convenience store brand in South Korea. cr: schoolbusyello
RT @tskatelyn: When I get to 1K I will post a video of me shooting my load 😈😈
RT @BatmanNewsCom: We could potentially have 5 DC movies in production next year: Shazam, WW 2, SS 2, The Batman, and The Joker
RT @shylajdotcom: Shooting customs with @AJsApplebooty this Sep! Place your orders now!!💞💦🌈👭
This is next level shooting ⛹🏼🤾🏼‍♂️
RT @ruralchauffeur: The Egton Estate | Two days Chauffeuring shooting clients around the North Yorkshire Moors area in our Jaguar XJL
Many of you have asked me about the props we used for the shooting. They were made with #xanita
you’d be suprised 😅 and hey at least you finally sh... — Yeah... no not shooting my shot, no sirrrrr
RT @itchy31: Kung tama rinig ko sa IG.. may shooting ang Xicol movie bukas.. #MORPinoyBiga10 Getting To Know Each Other Too Well by Xian Lim @mor1019
@billkinn @PaulineHansonOz Hunting, sports target shooting and home defense all come to mind.
RT @Singtofc_Th: [PIC]​ 170922​ aorpitiwat's IG Story Update - Shooting Day วันนี้ถ่าย #SotusStheSeries สู้ๆนะครับ #SingtoPrachaya…
@Assassin_Dodger @Sissi_HellHound @SpoilersDoctor1 @DreadfulMenace_ @MissyOfTime @allhaildaleks me and dad asked he…
RT @Mici_Rozzayy: Me when they was shooting outside tonight 😂
RT @Beardrain: Nigerian women think saying ‘Hello’ first = Shooting their shot. lmao my friend toast me
Man oh man today was so good Nils met all my people and we went shooting and it was good.
RT @nohtaehyunfan: onsite the JBJ shooting for At Star 1.. their autumn atmosphere is amazing ;;
Or tweet and act like an authority shooting down critique when I clearly have no fucking clue what I’m saying but I don’t know that.
I liked a @YouTube video Shooting Stars meme compilation
@Flyingpilot79 No worries....happy shooting!
Planned Parenthood shooting court documents released to public | WISH-TV
Atlanta, Georgia shooting at 1700 Block of Hortense Pl: 1 killed via @incident
RT @AnkRouge: 【Press】 shooting.. ♡Sister & Shrine maiden♡ 10月発売です♪ model:raimu taya💓