Shitstorm Watch

Shitstorm to follow.

@ATTCares U email me "excited" 2 tell me about the new way 2 earn Plenti points and ur screwing me out of 150 pts A month! U SUCK #ATTSUCKS
@Uverse your customer service is the WORST!!!! Called 3 times been given 3 different answers. #attsucks
RT @sameer_ravi: @ATT Sick of you for charging more when we went on vacation and your abysmal service in my area #attsucks
I've never had a worst service than #att punch of thieves if you ask me n I am glad that I am done w them for good. #attsucks #worstservice
@ATT Sick of you for charging more when we went on vacation and your abysmal service in my area #attsucks
It's raining and our cable is out.. So much for #SDLive 😊 #ATTSucks
@ATT Why doesn't UVerse work properly? Are you sure it's legal to charge for a service and then fail to provide said service? #ATTSUCKS
Thinking of ditching my @ATTCares U-Verse internet and use @TMobileHelp One+ Unlimited LTE Hotspot Data for my laptop! #ATTsucks
@ATTCares @ATT I'm still waiting on a reply and resolution. Many unhappy customers and many companies would like my loyalty.#attsucks #WHY
@ATTCares @ATT why are so many customers unhappy if you really care? #attsucks
RT @LennardFischer: #AT&Tsucks. Spent 20 minutes in auto hell. I asked to be transferred to an agent over 8 times during my last call. #ATTsucks
RT @livingstonway: I am very disappointed in my AT&T service here lately. The service is sketchy & I can't download and stream as fast as I used to #attsucks
RT @laceyy_g: Over 24 hours still no answer πŸ€” #attsucks @ATTCares @ATT
RT @Myslady: #att #attsucks Corp off h/u on me No svc. W/ such horrible emp & svc, products its amazing they make so much $. Oh yea cause they screw us
RT @Myslady: Y do we allow big biz to #bully us treat us like dirt, take our $ & give bad svc? #attsucks #attcorp a joke. They care 0 so y give em biz?
RT @dbart31: #ATTSUCKS and the saga continues... 31 minutes on the phone again today trying to fix - we're now up to about 8 hours of phone calls for th…
RT @chouse901: @ATT @ATTCares I'm going to make sure you never live down you lack of customer service and poor attitudes. #cantWaitToSwitch #ATTsucks
RT @timeclockman: By the way. AT&T has the worst customer service of any company in the world. #ATTSucks
RT @marcotor: FACT: @ATT has the WORST customer service in the history of any company ever #ATTSucks
RT @leslieschulze: 6:35 @ATTCares asks me to PM them re my issue. I did at 6:39. 1.5 hrs later, nothing. did I mention being left on hold 45min? #attsucks
RT @mrsamberhyde: @ATTCares It never has service. Counting down until I don't have to pay AT&T EVER AGAIN! #attsucks #attdoesntcare
RT @RaeSoPettyy: You lost a 15yr customer over a bad rep and $250. #attsucks #theydontloveyou going to have others RT this too.
RT @EmmyBriana: Does anyone know if I can get a verzion SIM card anywhere here? #attsucks