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@pookstahr @LiberalinMD well...he made a enough of a stink abt Shirley Sherrod that he got her fired...even though he edited the video to...
Remember Shirley Sherrod? ///Here’s Why the Country Club Went Ballistic Over the Sam’s Club CEO
@BuzzFeedAndrew @mckaycoppins @joelpollak It's all being controlled by Shirley Sherrod!!
Updates on Shirley Sherrod’s lawsuit against widow of Andrew Breitbart
BTW, did Obama ever properly apologize to Shirley Sherrod?
@AprilDRyan @BenJealous 1. When is the race... 2. Did he get Shirley Sherrod fired?
@mmfa After the ACORN and Shirley Sherrod videos NOTHING Brietbart reports can be taken at face value. Sick, nativist hacks.
@TheToast2015 folks haven't learned from Shirley Sherrod who reached a settle w/ Breitbart's widow.
Are they seriously tryna to "Shirley Sherrod" the CEO of Sam's Club?! #icant
I don't know Shaun King, but some of you are acting like you forgot what Brietbart did to Shirley Sherrod & treating their "news" as gospel.
Shirley Sherrod - Special Comment - 2010-07-21 Countdown with Keith Olbermann
Shirley Sherrod - Special Comment - 2010-07-21 Countdown with Keith Olbermann
At the 1st Innovative Agriculture Symposium with Shirley Sherrod and the Farmers of Georgia…
Innocent Shirley Sherrod, Lying Conservative Blogger's widow reach settlement #justice
@RahmEmanuel U wrongly & immediately had Shirley Sherrod fired, w/o learning the facts. Time for u to go. @nytimes
@The_Trumpnado Lol Breitbart? Really? The same site that doctored the video of Shirley Sherrod (and others) is your source.