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RT @CaseyMattox_: All these people talking about how good Tony Romo is at announcing. Of course he is. It's the regular season.
John Collins (Educate Plus Chairman) talking with ex NZ PM Dame Jenny Shipley at the AHISA Conference #Heads2017
@rwyjunior @RokDrummer @69conigli @LIGAWAB @Danny_Shipley @LupeGaru I've been gorging on Prince recently, I need so…
Deus Providebit- Musings from Shipley Hall CC: The Development of a Cricket Ground
@kaitlinmonte Two Best donuts in Houston: Hoffy twist at Shipley and blueberry cake from westco donuts!
RT @NotRapd2Tite: @BigLondon_ Shipley’s is good af ... but it’s not on the east coast 😩
RT @BigLondon_: Shipley’s is better that Krispy Kreme
WTF there's a Shipley's on university
RT @BigLondon_: Shipley’s is better that Krispy Kreme
@BigLondon_ Shipley’s is good af ... but it’s not on the east coast 😩
@LammyPammy You tried the fox in Shipley
nued sexy girls shipley girl nude
RT @daverowson: @andrearadri will you be supporting @BlackSwanBC in our final tomz at Shipley too
Just to spell out how weird this is: Oravida doesn't seem to have existed when Jenny Shipley was appointed Charman.…
RT @RokDrummer: I only wanted to be some kind of #FF @Erdingtonsound @69conigli @rwyjunior @LIGAWAB @Danny_Shipley @LupeGaru
LOVED the new @bestfiends animated short, #VisitMinutia! WATCH now and thank me later!
Chris Shipley, Ian Kawabata don’t forget this this weekend. Hahaha
RT @MermaidStylist: Anyone wanna get drunk and make some bad decisions with me?
RT @NotesForGirlz: sleeping is nice because ur not actually dead and ur not awake so its a win-win situation
RT @barkbox: But head pats and belly rubs are appreciated.
RT @F3Law: F3's Mark Williams closing out a jam-packed day at CETPA/F3 Summit with Legal Update on EdTech news. @CETPA…
RAHA Fun Run: RHS Superintendent Unowsky & AHA President Shipley start the annual race between our CC teams!! *Just download Lyft & enter payment code to get free Lyfts << Code to enter: PINS >> Shipley Do-Nuts