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RT @SethEverman: i WILL buy the nintendo switch the day it's out. $500? i'll buy it. $1000? i'll buy it. shigeru miyamoto wants my left kidney? HERE YOU GO!!
@RealShigeruM @YouTube Shigeru Miyamoto's Guide to stealing memes
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9 Things Shigeru Miyamoto Told Us About the New Star Fox... #StarFoxZero
Video games are bad for you? That's what they said about rock 'n roll. Shigeru Miyamoto #shigerumiyamoto
@SMetaldave64 @KazHiraiCEO fake account. Lol. Like my nigga Shigeru Miyamoto
The parody Kaz Hirai and Shigeru Miyamoto accounts are good for the culture
Shigeru Miyamoto gonna sue somebody
Tem notícia nova no blog, corre lá pra ver! Shigeru Miyamoto revelou algumas curiosidades sobre a criação dos...
Shigeru Miyamoto revelou algumas curiosidades sobre a criação dos personagens e do jogo…
yoooo check it out. the unfunny Shigeru Miyamoto parody account got it now
-and his creative process remind me of similar traits in Shigeru Miyamoto's.
@jacksfilms Now I get the Shigeru Miyamoto profile picture,
Super Mario 64's director Shigeru Miyamoto wanted Super Mario to be more detailed than previous games.
Shigeru Miyamoto revela algunos secretos de cómo fue la creación de Donkey Kong y Mario Bros.…
putain , shigeru miyamoto ils se fout de la gueule chaque jour de son entreprises et ses produits ! T'as déjà vus ça quelque pars ?
Shigeru Miyamoto comparte algunos secretos de la creación de Mario y Donkey Kong.
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Paper Mario is covered in Shigeru Miyamoto's faeces.
I'm declaring war on the shigeru miyamoto parody account. My ultimatum