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#Kansas 20 Consensus All-Americans Danny Manning 1986-88, Charlie Black 1923-24, Wilt Chamberlain 1957-58, Sherron Collins 2009-10
@ThroughThePhog @KansasHoopstalk Its actually pretty freaking annoying Bill Self hasn't closed a 5 star PG since Sherron Collins/Decade ago!
@Mattdemlein Sherron Collins blocked me for some reason. I'd never said anything about him . I think he just blocked a bunch MU fans.
Bassy, Lou will, Sherron Collins, rose, Eric Gordon, hs Jeff Teague, Lewis clinch, will Bynum... niggas used to be flat out dawgs.
Top 5 favorite bball players of all time 1. Allen Iverson 2. Jason Williams 3. Shaquille O'Neil 4. Sherron Collins 5. Perry Ellis
I feel more confident betting on this Kansas team to win the title than any since Sherron Collins n' the boys lost to Northern Iowa in 2010
@CoachJ_Loeffler Not bad. Was his Sr. year after Bibby/Simon left? Sherron Collins came to mind for me.
@KUTheShiver the next Sherron Collins?
@tmwarning ele falou no ar que o sherron collins (kansas) seria top 10 no draft. Tweetei que isso era impossivel e ele me bloqueou
@TheZenSettings @Chi_Aficionado at least Sherron Collins was good at Kansas. Cliff left Chicago & turned into Black Matt Geiger
Aye @JuiceLeroy if @Chi_Aficionado asked you to pick between Sherron Collins and Cliff Alexander, who you taking?
I remember they said sherron collins would be a better pro than Ty Lawson 😒
@Pusha_Ty @Briccyardlilyo what sherron collins up to these days
I feel like sherron, collins , hoorah, call him ya homie he look like lebron
Ty Lawson n Sherron Collins matchup
06 McDonald's hs game with kd n sherron collins
Man, even Sherron Collins at the end of a half thinks that was an ill-advised shot by UW. Woof.
@ATVS_JakeNazar True. Wayne Simien and Sherron Collins are scoffing at me.