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RT @Detectives_ID: Ada kesamaan adegan Sherlock E3S4 dgn dorama live action Detective Conan saat maze game (Juga ada dlm SAW)…
sherlock como padrino de boda de john me as madrina en cualquier boda
셜록:자네 이름이 뭐라고? 빌:다들 위그라고 부르죠. 셜록:아닐걸. 빌:위기라고 불러요. 셜록:아냐. 빌:...빌. 빌 위긴스에요. 셜록:관찰력이 좋군, 빌리.
benedict nació para ser sherlock mierda
@TOS …停止空間── とはいえ 厳密には ちょびっとずつ時間は動いてるの だから一時しのぎみたいなものねだけどね #Lieselotte_Sherlock
RT @ZanteStrays: Full of life and love, Sherlock loves human companionship. He ❤️ dogs. Dumped as he didn't make a hunting dog💕 ADO…
RT @ann_shooter: ШЕРЛОК СЕРИЯ 16 #Sherlock Holmes - Crimes & Punishments #16: на @YouTube
RT @nachaamont: Persona: busqué Sherlock pero dice 12 capítulos, querrá decir temporadas Yo: no, son 12 capítulos Persona:
@Sherlock_FOR_B ... 그저 고양잇과에 속하는 종일뿐이네. (털실이 가지고 놀고 싶은지 잔뜩 동공을 팽창 시킨 채 털 뭉치를 바라보다가 작게 애웅 하고 우는 소리를 낸다. 이내 팔을 뻗어 털실을 툭 친다.)
RT @contactJHW: Time does pass three times slower when Sherlock is sick.
A new piece from the case-book of Sherlock Holmes: The Stain of Mazarin Lodge
RT @estwisk: Ты не можешь паниковать, если ты не на дискотеке
RT @fredmontaigne: Excellent ce nouveau manga, Sherlock. Très sensible... #JeudiConfession #JeudiLecture #VendrediLecture…
RT @SeanJosephYoung: Mad to say after meeting @Markgatiss five years ago while being in a tiny bit of #Sherlock, I get to act with him
@GrumpyBiJohn Sherlock's cheeks have gone florid. "I didn't see anything," he protests. "I hit my head before I could get a good look."
There are lives at stake, Sherlock! Actual human lives. Just so I know, do you care about that at all?
FINALLY watching Sherlock 😍