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13% done with Sherlock Holmes, by Arthur Conan Doyle
RT @piningsherlocck: On the way home, Sherlock whispers that he's the Beast and john says no, you're not. You're the Beauty.
RT @piningsherlocck: John dragging Sherlock to Beauty and the Beast because he's a romantic and Sherlock pretends that he hates it but he actually loves it.
12. I once played Sherlock Holmes in a school play when I was in second grade
RT @Smith83K: Cartoonist Mike Luckovich calls this "Pocket Sherlock." #Nunes #Trump #Russia #TrumpRussia…
¿por qué no dejan de una vez que sherlock salga del closet? ya no estamos en el siglo xix
RT @th3j35t3r: Last week Kushner flew to Colorado same day as Roman Abramovich & here's Abramovich plane departing Denver on 23rd.…
@sickdystopia No puedo citar but Sherlock
Quoting me "it matters" like my tweet didn't say that already.. no shit Sherlock
RT @KaosCumberbatch: For an RP. Sherlock comes to a small town to investigate a murder and meets John, a smol, unexciting and almost uni…
@walsha @OriginalWinger Good on them!! Labor solidarity always.
RT @Smith83K: Cartoonist Mike Luckovich calls this "Pocket Sherlock." #Nunes #Trump #Russia #TrumpRussia…
RT @walsha: Word circulating among NHL players that American players will refuse to play in men's World Championships in solidarity with the women.
@mererog Oh, and every Harry Potter. And the Robert Downy Jr Sherlock Holmes.
RT @Smith83K: Cartoonist Mike Luckovich calls this "Pocket Sherlock." #Nunes #Trump #Russia #TrumpRussia…
RT @hyengg: 애인 볼따구를 입에넣어보세요 아주 좋습니다
I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere: Review — An Improbable Truth: The Paranormal Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
RT @wishasp: 팝콘이 만들어지는 과정
RT @bluekrsna: @BraddJaffy @dazyjane410 to which I eloquently say, "No shit Sherlock."
RT @tomoi_002: 母 「坊や、眠れないのかい…?」 子 「うん…ママ、お歌歌って」 母 「なにがいいのかい?」 子「SHERLOCKのオープニング」 母「ディ〜〜〜〜デェ〜〜〜〜ンドゥ〜〜〜ル〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜」 子「ッッツッドドドゥンドゥンッ」
RT @newroonewroo: 애인은 이미 콩깍지 수준이 아니고 나를 객관적으로 보는눈을 갖다버린것같다