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Have you got a portable hairdryer
RT @malloryalexaa: I spit some real truth for my 12th grade English teacher
RT @sahluwal: Here’s another video of these kids harassing this Native American protestor. The ignorance, the bigotry, is infuria…
@CurlKit @chazzzisawesome I can relate more than I choose to admit. I can't even finger comb. Nope!
Minus the pork chops. Add homemade mac&cheese RT @sheree_jasmine: I want some yams, smothered porkchops and cabbage🤤
"Dr. Ford is the best and his staff is equally amazing." says Sheree on Google, via @BirdEye_
I thought this was rhylei when u was Lil lol DomoNique Sheree
RT @adamcbest: At this point the only difference between a MAGA hat and a KKK hood is that for some reason society tolerates one being worn in public.
I want some yams, smothered porkchops and cabbage🤤
@MemphisVeryOwn_ Def dont happen like the movies lead u to believe😂😂😂
@alexisohanian @dominos Some people won't admit to eating low country. There was a time when that's all some classe…
@shereedanielle Hi Sheree, thank you so much for sharing your lovely picture with us - we're really pleased you enj…
Check out January @CurlKit What are you Becoming this 2019 Giveaway and get a chance to Michelle Obama's Becoming B…
@SheaMoisture Keep serving up the positive. I'm all for it!
Your intellectual prowess is functioning at near-peak levels t... More for Capricorn
David Anthony & Bennett Holland feat Sheree Hicks - Let Love In
@alexisohanian Princess... Umm... Prince wave! 😜
Get me drunkkkkkk
RT @OldhamOasis: Another great After School Cup Cake Sessions with our inspirational Catering Manager, Sheree. Some fabulous cupcak…