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@svpesq_sheree @OWNTV Your welcome. It's what I do.
@tylerperry Ms. Aretha has shaped life for so many of us. Let's dance and celebrate in her honor. I want RESPECT be…
@TweetsofGould @philius_gooders @speed_sheree Turn your phone through 90 degrees before your next photo. If you eve…
@gofooji @FIATUSA Patience grasshopper. You can't rush love.
what you look like losing the realest on your team...
RT @drunk_trace: Sandwiches are my fave. Turkey, ham, roast beef. Doesn’t matter. I just need 12 of them. #hungergames @joshgracin @chriscagle
RT @Joy105com: Scammer caught posing as car salesman and taking deposits!
RT @dr_Awwad: هل تصدق بموضوع الابراج؟ واذا كانت الاجابه نعم اعطنا تجربتك فيها للعلم انا برجي الحمل #وش_برجك
RT @HarleyTigreros: So people still use twitter
RT @arikakane: Guess who’s back in the studio...😁Get Ready Music Lovers! #NewMusic #ComingToYouSoon ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
RT @ImAngelaPowers: Social media has created jealous behavior over illusions. Some of you are envious of things, relationships and life…
RT @DennyPG67: Rick Scott defunded agencies tasked with overseeing red tide. Today he declares State of Emergency
Live Wire: What happened to Bob & Sheree's Beer & Wine Shoppe?
@RealMuckmaker I wouldn't have him into my home. Not my president.
RT @UserExperienceU: #IoT #socialmedia #influencer original content creator up 85% in one month #Futurist #IoT #BlockChain #Agile…
@TweetsofGould @speed_sheree Thank you. Be funny if we end up on a cross border op and bump into you😂😉
@sandile_booi Mabathathe naye lo bhuti ka Tumi ozimisele ungenzinto ngobom bakhe bangamshiyi lamntana ka Lindiwe oy…
RT @AbuDhabiInFocus: The world’s largest indoor theme parks. #WarnerBros World #AbuDhabi Opens.