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@iqmalhakim__ kau tonggek macam sheamus kot. Kakaka.
RT @br_kicks: First look at the Nike Black History Month collection for @KingJames, @KyrieIrving and @KDTrey5
Christ! I'd rather see Sheamus v Cesaro again...
Cesaro, Sheamus and Bayley vs. Karl Anderson, Luke Gallows and Charlotte Flair - Video Dailymotion
RT @attwood10: Tired of reading that "Ozil & Sanchez deserve better" like they haven't been part of the shit shows & underperformances.
.@YuriLowenthal Didnt I do amazing on her? I told Sheamus if I wasn't any good at drawing him in drag I wouldn't bother doing it~♡
@StephenEdelman yeah got sheamus bro :)
Reigns vs Joe. Sheamus vs Joe. Finn vs Joe. Cesaro vs Joe. Owens vs Joe. Zayn vs Joe.
RT @StevetheSamurai: @ProWrestlingMag With Cesaro and Sheamus breaking up and Hero coming in, could we possibly be getting this? Or just…
RT @RingsideC: The #CelticWarrior @WWESheamus is in stock in #Mattel #WWE Elite 46. Order now! #RAW
@ReturnoftheYak Also, again at Mania 27 when Sheamus (Rumble winner) opened Mania with DB.
I liked a @YouTube video Bayley Entrance with Cesaro and Sheamus (FUNNY) RAW - 1/30/17
I liked a @YouTube video from @WWEonYouTube Cesaro, Sheamus & Bayley vs. Luke Gallows, Karl Anderson &
I liked a @YouTube video from @WWEonYouTube Bayley attempts to mend the rift between Sheamus & Cesaro: Raw,
RT @JAckKAssIns: @WWESheamus When it is so awkward that not even Sheamus caan react
Really wanted an eventual series of matches between Cesaro/Sheamus and the Revival for the titles. #royalrumble
Not happy about Cesaro and Sheamus losing the Raw tag belts already. #royalrumble
RT @SenFranken: (Quick aside: never think that calling or writing your elected officials doesn’t make a difference. It does.)
@LuigiThirty @sunsweetSA Counterpoint: Sheamus is still alive.
He insulted me by calling me Corbin, rusev and sheamus.... however I guess I'm more loved than the perfect 10
Cageside Community Star Ratings: Cesaro & Sheamus vs. Gallows & Anderson
Bayley attempts to mend the rift between Sheamus & Cesaro 🔥