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@YodelOnline - It's all sorted, thanks!
And I have forgiven brother @TheFrayMovement for nearly starting World War III. All Hail Paul & #BigDForHoF
my stats teacher keeps saying mean but all i hear is meme
[뉴스분석] 조선·해운 구조조정에 쓴다더니.. 지역구 SOC에 수백억 정부 추경안 분석 해보니
RT @IssyR71: Left my little cousin for 2 minutes on his own n next thing I know he's all the way up the bloody tree
RT @_LunaticAshton_: Honestly if my Best Friend lived close to me i would also take Pictures of her 24/7 and Post them all over my IG
@MBohamrah You’d be surprised by my selectiveness in food. 1. No soup for me, 2. No white meat at all. So basically no seafood/chicken.
RT @AthleteFession: If you come to my game expecting I'll look cute all sweaty I have bad news for you.
RT @StatsBritain: 89% of Hogwarts students can't wait until Harry Potter's family leaves once and for all and the school is finally safe again.
@JerryCote10 Right. But what I don't understand is this notion, not just from Trump, that if we remove all the illegal immigrants it'll...
Many a tear has to fall but it's all in the game #10DaysLeftForPushAwards #PushAwardsKathNiels
RT @makiji: 1976年から数えて10年目の1985年の6月15日、国立競技場で「国際青年年記念 ALL TOGETHER NOW」があった。ユーミンがヴォーカルのミカバン、はっぴいえんどの再結成。司会はたくろう。直後大滝さんと細野さんはニュー・ミュージックのお葬式と言った。そうだった。
This badass is telling me all about her first day skipping class😂 @abitoops
RT @girlposts: "different dancers at parties" im dying 😂
I parked all the way in BFE I'm crying
RT @Izziedodat: Four Locos are still trash, just in case y'all are wondering
RT @Purab_Kohli: Warming up and stretching before the big run to #RockOn2 follow @RockOn2TheFilm for all you need to know about the most awaited sequel.
@LFC_Patrick yo pat should i do a lfc cm with the first transfer window open or closed because i have done all the transfers?
RT @Qafzeh: VIDEO - The Genius of Charles Darwin - HD Full Length (All 3 Episodes) @RichardDawkins
i made a mistake, i shouldnt have let you go because apparently u're all i think about now
@IAmOrangeButton I hate all of them TBH except Paul and Vic whatever lol
All in the wonderful game that we know as love #10DaysLeftForPushAwards #PushAwardsKathNiels