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I’m trying so hard to just appreciate the show in all its glory and how just amazing the ride was but I have a few…
i love sansa i love arya i love brienne i love yara and theyre all alive
RT @KevOnStage: I could wear all black every single day for the rest of my life and be perfectly happy. PERFECTLY HAPPY.
Against all odds the ending for #GameOfThornes was fantastic. I’ll just head cannon the execution of the previous one.
@hardikpandya7 Yeah you all need to simply grab this golden opportunity..plss don't miss d chance this time also. T…
All my boy bran had to do was sit in a chair for 8 seasons... he is the one true king of finesse.
'Why do you think I came all this way?' is what I'm asking myself after I put up with a month of this utter shit wr…
RT @garyvee: There is no “right” find what’s right for you! Self awareness is so key to happiness and pls don’t copy someone els…
RT @ErnestOnaiwu: Reply with 💝 and follow all who ♥️likės your comment. 📝Add Me to Your Gain List📝
@trevorbrindlejs Listen. The playoffs started and I was like “why are y’all still talking about... ohhhhhhh”
RT @ChanelJanae: Someone had an article where they pointed out that once black People have access to a place y’all feel like it isn’…
RT @Rakshitachoudh4: We all may not be happy with the ending but Ghost is. #GameOfThronesFinale
Jon deserved a little more than going back to where he started lmao yo went through all of tht
House of stark got all they deserved ❤️
They will all give you the same love when you do give them the enough caring
And Kings kill people all the time! Jon was technically king! Makes no sense!!!! #GameOfThronesFinale
Man,I'm sad. #GOT is my favorite book series of all time and one of my favorite television series. I was rooting fo…
All the possible outcomes... and they chose this!
@sotiridi Arrest them all.
RT @HtxLop3z: My mind be different than y’all hoes promise