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ABC: How 'The Shaytards' Went From Living on Food Stamps to Being YouTub... via @YouTube
This is why I LOVE the Shaytards!!😂😂😂😂😂#Rocktard #Shaycarl #Mommytard
I liked a @YouTube video SHAYTARDS! HAPPY 11th BIRTHDAY GAVIN!
RT @Roya_Author: RT @ReaderFaves Compelling stories. Real solutions for distracted driving. ▶
@OpTic_MBoZe SMASH OR PASS YOUTUBER EDITION. It's the viral video right now. Hop on that quick my man!
@CouRageJD @OpTic_Scumper @OpTic_BigTymeR please jack play! I've been studying all day and u make me laugh my ass off.
@shaycarl or do no work at all and watch old episodes of Shaytards with kids!
"Bad things" is #6 on the Canadian iTunes Charts!!!!!!!! (+4) *NEW PEAK* @DOF_Shaytards
@CarlieStylezz are you and the shaytards going to vidcon in the summer @shaycarl @katilette
got my monthly dose of Shaytards😊
@careymendes @flxkxs @MFadel_MC she has a unique voice that deaf Ass pussy bitches can't recognize and appreciate. #BuyBadThingsOnItunes 😉