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I liked a @YouTube video WATCHING SHAYTARDS VLOGS!
I liked a @YouTube video SHAYTARDS NEW HOUSE TOUR!
after 5 years i'm finally unsubbing's seriously not the same.
@shaycarl there's a difference in saying the shaytards will be on break for months vs closing permeant. Will there be a Christmas episode!!!
I liked a @YouTube video WATCHING SHAYTARDS VLOGS!
RT @_little_britt_: Kane has been watching old vlogs from the shaytards house!! He said I miss Brock! @shaycarl
messing with the green screen in the new @shaytards vlog Seriously though you should come to NewZealand😉 @shaycarl
@shaycarl @shaytards @katilette Why the lowercase i's in the titles? I've noticed some other Youtubers doing it too..
I liked a @YouTube video WATCHING SHAYTARDS VLOGS!
New SHAYTARDS Vlog!! Thanks for including us in your video @shaycarl❤️❤️
when you're in a shaytards vlog 😍 legit dying of happiness oh my goodness!!!! #fangirl #awkwardhandwave @shaycarl
@PiratosOmar @DOF_Shaytards @JAYD203 to be positive but I'll fuck u up fuckboy
@PiratosOmar @DOF_Shaytards @JAYD203 bro this fool said I thought you all about positivity I said where do u see me saying that yea I like
@DOF_Shaytards @JAYD203 @johnson_jshawn he is stupid he can't understand that 😂😂