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I have always been very entrepreneurial minded. Oftentimes, while I wa... #ShayCarl #quotation
Can I just say how much fun I'm having Vloging! Thank you @shaycarl @CharlesTrippy you guys have been a huge inspiration to me! #Vlogmas ❤️
RT @linklamont: @shaycarl @YouTube @DolanWifeyyy haha turns out "full leotard" is still not much leotard at all. #YouTubeRewind
RT @tyleroakley: @shaycarl Maybe we shouldn't slut-shame and body-police and assume a woman's purpose is to fulfill a man's preferences.
@shaycarl Some friends of yours got into this video!
RT @shaycarl: Do you ever fight with your parents about fashion? --->
RT @trixinclothing: It's beginning to look a lot like Hatmas 🎄🎊 - Coming Soon
@shaycarl @katilette I don't pat the outside of the ✈️ but once she levels off I do give her a pat and say "thank y…
@shaycarl @pewdiepie @YouTube nobody else should have his channel though.
@shaycarl @pewdiepie I like his "stick it to big youtube pages" attitude and give smaller channels a shot at the front page
@shaycarl I just found your movie online for free!
When u buy a Shaytards calender and find out youre in the first 2000 so yours will be signed😭😭❤️ @shaycarl
It's almost the anniversary of Donny the Dart falling. @shaycarl I expect a nice memorial party in his honor
@LPEdwards_10 @shaycarl @pewdiepie @YouTube because pewds is the one deleting his channel tomorrow - not shay 😏
@ItsJustinStuart @AndrewScites I feel like a snowboarding/skiing vlog collab with @shaycarl should happen sometime 😊🏂⛷