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@shaycarl Johnny Cash battled addiction with Christ & June by his side. He stumbled - he kept going.Stay honest & the demons won't win ❤
@shaycarl no worries Shay you and the family take all the time you need. ❤❤❤
RT @shaycarl: Thank you for the reminder @CaseyNeistat! I cried because this video motivated me so much! #run 🏃🏻…
RT @WillowG: #shaycarl @AriaNina_ facts may not be all correct but my thoughts on people blaming AriaNina. Yes - I'm bored on th…
RT @katilette: I love that I can watch @shaycarl sing, dance, and ski in one vlog! He's so cute! ⛷🕺🏻🎤😻
RT @shaycarl: In regards to the comments on the latest vlog!
RT @daniel88466342: @justgem_x @BeachyOfficial @RomanAtwood because unlikr shaycarl he lets people know and he doesn't go away for a week or two
@shaycarl You are so disgusting, and I hope you rot in hell for what you did to Colette. There´s no good in you.
@ZoeZoemorris @shaycarl ur a fucking idiot yes he did
RT @_little_britt_: Kane has been watching old vlogs from the shaytards house!! He said I miss Brock! @shaycarl
RT @aurorapetrichor: The hypocrisy of ShayCarl makes me so angry. Preaching about respecting women when he can't even respect his own wi…
@shaycarl You been such a positive role model in my life..but hearing about you!! my heart is broken💔..i hope you fine help ily❤
@shaycarl sorry for the spam but know that THERE ARE PEOPLE OUT THERE WHO WILL SUPPORT YOU🙏🏼
@shaycarl Just found out you're a pervert. Righteous!
@shaycarl Not praising Shay for cheating but i strongly believe he is a WONDERFUL person in general.
@shaycarl and his vlogs helped me when i had my own problems with bullying and anxiety..So i will be there for Shay during this tough time🙏🏼
@shaycarl so sad how everyone turns against you when shit happens😕Shay did so many good things in his life! People make mistakes😔
I added a video to a @YouTube playlist BABY SWAG ft. Katilette, ThatChickAngelTV, Shaycarl and Emily Valentine
I liked a @YouTube video from @CarlieStylezz BABY SWAG ft. Katilette, ThatChickAngelTV, Shaycarl and Emily
@shaycarl To be fair everyone should be supporting shay and his family and helping him get on the right track instead of judging.
@shaycarl I believe you are a good person😕❤no one is perfect.. Time will heal everything💙 Your family always has my support.
@shaycarl I'm literally crying. This is so sad😭it breaks my heart..Oh how must Colette feel💔😔