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36 hours away from seeing the new Star Wars. Based on early reviews (97% Rotten Tomatoes) JJ Abrahms hit a home run. Thank goodness.
@RealEricTheRed Don’t forget an inbounds play designed to score an easy basket and Bo’s full court press from UW-Platteville.
@jay_skebba This article from the Roanoke Times had it at 3 million.
@jay_skebba 3 Million. Would love to be wrong but have been told it’s not going to happen.
@jay_skebba Tony is not going anywhere. New contract plus huge buyout ended that speculation this summer.
@PatrickClark05 You know we will. I have to believe it will be a very short and obvious list of candidates.
Loyalty won't matter when Barry makes decision. He will hire the best coach/fit for #badgers. My hunch is Ben Jacobson will be that guy.
I'm 40 and can remember when making the NIT was an incredible feat. A FF trip unthinkable. We've had 3 since 2000. 2 with Bo. #badgers
@jdubs88 What he accomplished at UW-Platteville too was incredible. Simply put, he could flat out coach.
@IrrationalHawk He wasn't going to lose to Uthoff!
It will be incredibly hard for #badgers fans not to have flashbacks to Dick Bennett retirement which occurred mid-season too.
Thank you to Bo Ryan for an incredible run at Wisconsin. He took this program to levels that nobody thought was possible. Incredible run.
@Shane_Sparks Didn't need to read this tweet.......
@Shane_Sparks Take your light saber and fend off any attackers. In all serious, completely understandable with how huge Star Wars will be.
@Shane_Sparks I know it sounds crazy, but the last time I took the kids to a movie, I totally planned an escape in my mind.
Taking my 5 year old to the new Star Wars Thurs night and this has been on my mind.
Wikipedia page Shane Sparks has possibly been vandalized.
@AaronNagler All of this made up drama causes me to skip any/all pre-game shows. Just give me the games.
There are no easy points for this year's #badgers BB team. Little in the post, nothing off dribble and nothing via defense/transiton.
Boys' Basketball: Shane sparks Little Cyclones in win - Ames Tribune: Boys' Basketball: Shane sparks Little…
Boys’ Basketball: Shane sparks Little Cyclones in win
Boys’ Basketball: Shane sparks Little Cyclones in win