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I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Shane Carwin One Arm Boxing Match(Ep47p6)
#Buzz: Shane Carwin défonce Jason Ellis dans un combat de boxe en n’utilisant un seul bras: Lors de l’Ellisma...
Ang galing talaga kumanta no Carwin no wonder madami ng nagkaka-crush sa kanya
@bellator should decide there hw title with a 4 man tournament lashley mitrione king mo kongo would love if bellator could sign Shane carwin
Affliction's Randy Couture predicts UFC 131 Carwin vs Dos Santos -
@StephensDouglas Carwin was beating Lesnars ass also. gassed out. Mir, way out of prime. Lesnar came back n still had only 1 skill
@codith44 carwin was a monster at the time. Mir was still in his prime. We also missed the best years of lesner's prime.
@StephensDouglas Carwin is the only sensible answer he was his size atleast. Couture old n skinny, Mir, bad. Lashley is well on his way.
@codith44 carwin, couture, mir. Brock beat all them with one skill only. Lashley hasn't even got to the top of bellator.
@BloodyElbow Hopefully they bring in Bigfoot and Carwin for the tourney. Fedor would be nice too
@Danielmmafan I agree he's a good name and Carwin, Kongo, Lashley, Sergei, Mitrione, Ishii is a solid start to a division.
RT @Brandon_Nocaute: Bellator should really look into getting Shane Carwin too. #Bellator162
RT @Brandon_Nocaute: Bellator should really look into getting Shane Carwin too. #Bellator162
Bellator should really look into getting Shane Carwin too. #Bellator162
@ShaneCarwin @EllisMate I legitimately can hear Carwin saying "don't leave your girls round me, true player for real ask my dude Pharrell"
📹 Former UFC Heavyweight Shane Carwin Knocks Out Jason Ellis With One Arm Tied Down [video]
@Carwin_Low @FrediLeis ojalá eso suceda pronto
bitch .. CARWIN . I started skipping so much 😭😂 until I could drop the class
@benfowlkesMMA @PhilipHanna_ you mean fighting a one armed Carwin isn't a good idea?
@PSC_Squad ass.sampurasun boleh gabung sekaligus obrol obrol