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. べっこうネイルとやら🙊笑 ちょっとやってみた💅💜💛 #べっ甲 #ネイル #emoda #emodacosmetics #integrate #liqueur #nail #cute
Nathan is so turnt rn I can't deal hahahaha
Just ate for the first time today and it was a Reese's cup lol
変に寝てもたから 寝れなくなったから ちょっと暇。 あ、爪塗り塗りしよう
@IANMHARDING Remember when you called @shaymitch Shanana? lmao friendship goals.
@shaymitch love you shanana.
@toscaaliceen Is that a Shanana song? 😂
Weed is gonna be legal in NJ in 2018 !!! I'm pussy poppin yo
Just woke up and walked in the kitchen to see what time it is and it's 1 PM HAHAHHAHAHA WHAT?!
@shanana_riku @k4tom_y なんのありがとうやねん!! ともや今さら遅いで
オフ終わりやん まぁ明日も掃除だけやしええか✋
@pltsuka3 @k4tom_y つかさありがとうなし?
@k4tom_y @shanana_riku ともやおめでとうなし?笑
RT @Lmao: Me when people hate on pineapple pizza 😔😕
@k4tom_y 写真だけ置かれてるん?わら