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Not a freaking clue as to what I'm going to do with my life when I finish catching up on Shameless
Ummmm... I finished Shameless. Now what??
Shameless has taken over my life..
RT @SoAnxiious: Amanda Punches Lip - Shameless Season 5
Got showtime on Hulu just to watch season 7 of shameless
shameless is lowkey addictive..
RT @Dark_Side_Gr: The Myth...The..Legent...The..Stud! @NACHOVIDALPORN in the best way his fans..Lust & Crave to see Getting Nasty Sha…
Damn shameless gettin me in my feels 😩
RT @angelmikhailo: rt if you want to be added to my gallavich gc: -must be done w all of shameless (spoilers) -be fucking nice -get ready for spam
Reba vs Shameless
i stood up til 2 am watching shameless now THIS is the way to spend February break
@NishToChocolate tweaking lol shameless damn near the best show going rn
RT @mer_jeanne: shameless has destroyed me as a person
@RepComstock just when I thought you couldn't be any more shameless, this?! Truly speechless. Have you no decency?
RT @oksvdney: is shameless as good as everybody says it is?🤔
RT @_mrnhsl: Shameless c'est devenu une drogue
RT @drizzypaola: Shameless makes me so happy lol
10/10 recommend watching shameless 🙇🏽
RT @ShameIessQuotes: When someone talks bad about Shameless
I guess I'll watch shameless all night
RT @DarbsTheKing: Shameless is great and does well focusing on each character's life, but I honestly don't give a damn about Fiona and Debby lol
also because shameless selfies are the best selfies- #ILoveBeingAfrican