Tweets about a recent trend: Shameful

RT @jasonagastrich: It is shameful that the US sells weapons of mass destruction to other countries.
@HumzaYousaf #YesAllWomenMPs experience sexism like this and it's shameful. Thanks for posting!
SHAMEFUL: Camera Trap Installed to Track Tiger Movement in Neora Valley Stolen One of the camera traps installed...
@realDonaldTrump great HC bill asswipe. Tax cuts for your old greedy bigots while the old and poor suffer. Shameful POS
@kkulmulgogi my shameful n dark past
RT @JakubKrupa: In addition to their usual racism, Daily Mail has gone full sexist with their front page tomorrow. Shameful.…
RT You may have heard about this, or not. Why didn't @POTUS bring this up? #shameful
RT @Jaded2444: @Reince of course your gonna like bad rino care bill that your cohort @SpeakerRyan tried 2 push through. The swamp sticks together.Shameful
Now women have to give press conferences about they pussy shameful what we've become.
RT @Bhayankur: We are undoubtedly the most racist country in the world. This is so shameful.
@FoxNews @KTHopkins JR Rowling...a Billionaire what does she know about regular life? Hate reference to Hitler..Shameful.
@realDonaldTrump @POTUS I am sure alot of people knows why ,I don't like it my #President, Is shameful.#America first #wall #travel ban .
@Kris_Sacrebleu @DavidCornDC damn him anyway--innocents are NOT collateral damage! They are dead families, neighbors, babies--shameful!
Virginity is a Sacred Choice, Not a Shameful Status
Knowing what we know now, it is shameful the MSM ignored Hillary when she said Trump and Putin were pals, and that she was hacked & spied on
@BringBackErk54 I was seriously about to text u on this earlier. What a waste that hoops Frankenstein is on the wall. Shameful.
@JohnJHarwood This after Sessions dodges the question and heads for the exit. Shameful.
@HeyTammyBruce Its shameful the blonde bimbo doesn't think children should be told what to wear? I hope she has no kids.
Yesterday was the two-year anniversary of Obama’s most indefensible and harmful foreign-policy decision. MSM Silent.
@JustinPepsiMan I got the true ending with all the memories. I've put a shameful amount of time into the game after everyone is asleep.
RT @RayBake: I'm embarrassed that @jackwhitver claims to represent hardworking Iowans. Cutting Iowa's minimum wage is shameful.…