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RT @90swomen: Tupac Shakur & Selena Quintanilla.
RT @JayTheCommie: Oh, THEEEERE'S the old dusty. I was wondering where he was hiding.
RT @VG3_: Abraham Lincoln actually cared about the slaves
RT @_SJPeace_: 3 of them killed 30 people. 3 of them killed no one. Look at the differences in the mugshots. THIS IS WHY WE…
You cute but idk if I should shoot my shot 🤔 — Nah don’t do it. My girl crazy 😂
RT @myamonaydavis: I have to put my 19 year old dog down soon. Him and I had a talk early this evening about letting go, so it can jus…
RT @sahouraxo: The sheer, mind-boggling arrogance of the US, whose troops are illegally stationed in Syria, to demand that Iranian…
God Turn My Pain To Gain 🙏🏽
RT @bsved_tee: So it was old people day for our senior week and this boy was acting a fool 😂😂😂
If they not with you they against you - Tupac Shakur
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RT @prettyindie: People be doing lame ass shit when they mad. Like chill out.
@TheTransMenace @gravem0m @bell_shakur Honestly, they're right. It's a pretty reactionary attitude. Trans people ar…
RT @Trez__300: still tryna heal from shit i wanna forget about .. 💯
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I know ima make it ✈️🤫 Fuck anybody that doubt me 🤷🏽‍♂️‼️💯
@Unfunny_ClownGT Aunque a veces ando bien Tupac Shakur
RT @sirtahloue: thank you for supporting me during my lows
RT @RealJVO: Struggling to just find my peace .