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Happy birthday @shaina_boyce !!! I hope your day is as lovely as u 🔆💖miss u lotss
RT @SarcasmPage: sometimes I'm hungry and other times I'm asleep
RT @TheClothPorn: Elie Saab creates works of art 😍
RT @xxhxnnah: Drake in the pastel pink stone island jacket, can we just take a minute
RT @lieske_shaina: my favorite thing is your everyday highschooler discovering the wonders of the music department
Ang Shaina nila, masarap daw ang Tuttoh @STutoh HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH LABYU 😂😂😂😂
Happy happy birthday to one of the nicest gals I know @shaina_boyce !!! Hope you had a great day today!! 💗🎉🎂
@sheilanewbyy_ thanks Shelb I love yaaaa❤️
Trying to work out when you're sick is the worst thing
@shaina_looker thank you Shane 😍 miss and love u more!!
HBD ANNA🌟😻💖🌸 i hope your day is perfect!!!! i miss u lots💘
#miloyiannopoulous The irony is that the ppl sharing this edited vid, stand w islam where 7 yr olds are married to grown men! Smh
HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHAINA💓💓you probs miss being called shane! have the best day bowling😎😎😎love u😍 @shaina_boyce
#miloyiannopoulous Admitted he should have worded what he said differently. He is a victim of sex abuse and deals with it with humor.
@Sierra_513 awww ur so cute thank u love u💜
RT @5SOSTL__: SNAPCHAT // Luke posted 2 hours ago -Shaina
RT @AlyciaTyre: Don't be a bitter puta , be a better puta
RT @Estxbann: les amis qui deviennent la famille ++