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Today I'm thankful for slobbery kisses on my face, the fur on my clothes, and less than half of…
I still run and hide when the UPS guy comes to my house with a package and im home alone 😂
feeling bright kaayo ka shaina waly study study jusko
The ghouls have come out. #snapwire Photo by: Shaina Sterrett.
RT @5SOSTL__: I am emotionally unstable part.2 -Shaina
do you ever just want to cut certain people out of your life but don't at the same time bc you still lowkey like them
RT @LoopYarn: Fair isle knitting rules! Let Shaina Bilow teach you how to knit with 2 colors at the same while creating a hat w...
@RemissK @MirakMoukire @Shaina_LoL ah oui dégoutant et gênant ...
galing galing talaga ni baby sumayaw kahapon haha 😂😍
Good morning babyyy!!! 😊
RT @PBBabscbn: Chat with the Pilyo Bello ng Italy, Marco today at 5pm! Just go to #PBB7thLuckyTask
RT @PBBabscbn: Si Yong ba ang karapatdapat pang manatili sa loob ng bahay ni Kuya? BB Yong and send to 2366 #PBB7thLuckyTask
RT @5SOSTL__: GUYS! My "I prefer the drummer" t-shirt came today! But it's too big 🙄 *sigh* so I'm gonna order another one 🙌🏼🙌🏼 -Shaina
RT @Lion__7518: Shaïna😌💕💍
RT @Lion__7518: Shaïna😌💕💍
RT @Lion__7518: Shaina el est trop deuspi🤘🏾❤️
Shaina el est trop deuspi🤘🏾❤️