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I ain’t got no business catching feelings
Even though you out my life thru hell I can’t seem to forget about you
RT @thinaacosta: to everyone that’s kind to me, i appreciate you very much
My new puppy is gonna help me pull so many hoes
I have no ideas what to name him
RT @queennaija: Who wanna see me make ..... Pot Roast, Southern Baked Mac & Cheese, Seasoned Green Beans w/ Bacon Pieces, Garlic ch…
RT @bjonsey8: Who’s got the stronger hammer? RT for Jim Adler Like for Thor
RT @rjrioss: Picking up bae for the first date like
More than anything you guard protect your mind, for life flows from it
RT @trillshawtyyyy: Pulling a girls hair during sex is played out, taze the back of her head or slap it with your Nike Sandal 👋🏽👋🏽.
Southwest Houston and sugar land girls be like
@rileysheaven @xxxRiley how about an online pink bunny email skype booty call, i'm still waiting for feedback from…
2018 has been a scooter to the ankle
RT @nathaliaaadiazz: No makeup selfies and I look great✨
I think I can best describe my use of Twitter like #SexPanther on #Anchorman that 60% of the time it works all the…