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RT @SanTanBrewing: Who else can't wait for the return of Leon?! 🍻📸: @TonicPhotos #SexPanther #ChooseAZBrews #DoubleChocolatePorter…
RT @UberFacts: This woman lets a baby beaver build dams in the house and swim in the tub 5 times a day 🛁 (via @SecondChancesKY)
RT @Damnjomaa: Kinda spooky outside
RT @babylemur: Pls don’t make me relive my childhood
Poor anuel homeboy getting bald af lol
Fashion and society going downhill
Bro wtf is going on with slang? Like who tf says no cap
RT @mxwzy: So months later after all the dust settles: - Drake is still on top. - Everyone is tired of Kanye and his antics…
In all honesty how he did his I would of round house kicked his ass
Damn bro I got so many homegirls prostituting themselves for money this fast shit for money got outta hand real quick
Ya less cock for me but good morning
RT @_breezzz: Baby fever AND puppy fever oh no no no
RT @phaithfuI: Talking to someone everyday for hours can be destructive af because there will come a day where you don’t speak at…
Kanye’s brand getting out of hand
If you’re a Justin stan and you remember sexpanther you qualify for a veterans discount
Don’t pay attention to beef if that shit isn’t spoken out loud in person it’s irrelevant
Babe you’ll be paid off in less than a year it’s ok
*the newsvengers* Prints up on my teespring store. LINK IN BIO. @DavidKoechner #dftmncb #drawnfromthemind