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RT @ysbryd1: We all know where the Corbyn chant came from, White Stripes Seven Nation Army, but have you noticed, we ARE seven n…
Am I the only one who hates the seven nation army chant? Leave it for the Orioles.
@Siegmundson7 @JackGreenYT The first time I saw the YT video of the Seven Nation Army edit (if you know the one I'm…
Liked on YouTube: Seven Nation Army, Double-sided Guitar
still can't figure out of the music cues are great or terrible. it's on Seven Nation Army now
Listening to Seven Nation Army - Remasterisée by Ben L'Oncle Soul AND ENJOYING IT A LOT #NowPlaying
Seven nation army - Audioslave vía @YouTube
RT @BTSfamlove: Since the entire Europe is coming for BTS Stade de France concert there’s the tuto chant Army sang for BTS in paris…
Now Playing on Greatest Hits Radio : The White Stripes - Seven Nation Army "" #70s #80s #90s
Fun fact: Neither We Will Rock You nor Seven Nation Army were originally songs about baseball.
RT @Nationals: A seven nation army couldn't hold him back. #Strasmas // #OnePursuit
WAKE N BAKE MUSIC 🎧 Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes on @pandoramusic
でも「Seven Nation Army」ってセルティックでの中村俊輔のチャントのイメージが俺の中に強く残ってるんだよなw
マリノスクラスタが「Seven Nation Army」の事つぶやいてるのが最近よく見るが、やっぱりスタでかかってたかwゴール後喜んでるから空耳じゃねーかと思っていたけど。コルリはゴール後のチャントは変えないだろうな多分w俺は嫌い…
iTunesでも購入 #Nowplaying Seven Nation Army - ザ・ホワイト・ストライプス (Elephant)
THE WHITE WALKERS - "SEVEN KINGDOM ARMY..." (SEVEN NATION ARMY PARODY) @YouTube I like it! ready for the big night
ゴール後に流れる Seven Nation Army 大分馴染んできたなー。もっともっと聴きたい。盛り上がる。
RT @LEGIQN: Seven Nation Army Sandals edition