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@IW_Lee_Ross since Poindexter is Seth green, would that make Poindexter (pre spaceland) Seth green, and the same with the other 4?
RT @Horror31: Happy Birthday to Seth Green, star of Idle Hands (1999), Horror In The Attic (2001) and Stephen King's It (1990) 🎂…
So … I’m watching X-Files for the first time ever and you’ll all fired for never telling me that Seth Green is in the second episode.
Argo, starring John Candy and Seth Green. Directed by Ron Howard, music by Alec Empire. Budget: $3m
RT @ryanvo_1: Happy birthday to Seth Green, who voices Chris Griffin, Leonardo, and Loki Loud. #SethGreen #ChrisGriffin #Leonardo…
seth green in buffy yassssss
Save the date for the Seth Green TU Chapter sponsored Fly Fishing Film tour in upstate NY! Order your tickets to ho…
first impressions: joker is totes seth green and nihlus has turrrrrible design but i'm in.
@ego_canastrao só Max e Seth Green que é branco do olho claro que acho bonitos Mas a beleza é interior, resto tudo feio
@gamerguy412 @Jesse_James77 Seth Green ranks with Kathy Griffin as the unfunniest people of all time
@JamesGunn The Seth Green effect
Josie and the Pussycats is underrated and was v ahead of its time, also Rosario Dawson, Seth Green and Donald Faiso…
Yep 😀Seth Green- and who would have thought; from Richie Tozier to Oz the Werewolf to Chris Griffin 😜
mid-90s era Seth Green is my favorite Seth Green
Eager to see how meta Seth Green can get with this.
The Lego batman movie I think it was amazing and so funny so I will give this film a 9'5 only because it had Seth green
I just realized that I might be this generation's equivalent to Seth Green's character from Can't Hardly Wait and I want to kill my self
RT @MediaMarjorie: Happy Birthday to a very creative artist and entertainment producer, Seth Green!!
RT @GilchristGloria: Sarah Michelle Gellar reunited with her “Buffy” Scooby Seth Green for the sweetest birthday photo via @hellogiggles
RT @Chicago_History: Emily Perkins, Seth Green, Tim Curry, Ben Heller, Jonathan Brandis, Brandon Crane, Marlon Tayler & Adam Faraizl, on…
@destroyfrog That blue dude looks like Seth Green.
Love Blue Dream? Snoop’s Dream is an updated rendition named after none other than the hip-hop legend, Snoop...
RT @HeuteGeburtstag: Heute feiern #Geburtstag: James #Dean † (86) Manfred #Krug (80) Franz #Marc † (137) Nick #Nolte (76) Seth #Green (43) John #Grisham (62)