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Seth Green in the Austin Powers movies is my fashion icon
[I'd curate them so hard] -Seth Green Chris Griffin voice
We need more Seth Green giving serious preformances.
@JessCurran_ look at me! I'm Leatherface! Seth Green's best line ever.
RT @robthadawg916: Is it weird that I don't like Seth Green specifically because of Entourage because I imagine that's exactly what he is like
@annabeIle seth green is the key to all of this
im watching scooby doo 2 and having a crush on seth green's character when i was a kid turned me into the freak i am today
"Toonami will be replaced with 3 hours of Seth Green sitting on a couch, watching 'Without a Paddle' Clockwork Orange-style."
seth green is so cute idc
👕 💚 ❤️ seth green ❤️ 💚 👕
how many times must i declare my love for seth green
I liked a @YouTube video Holidays Official Trailer #1 (2016) - Kevin Smith, Seth Green Movie HD
I ship Velma & Seth Green in Scooby Doo 2 so hard
Seth Green is a nerdy babe.
seth green is a scooby doo movie??????
Jag gillade ett videoklipp på @YouTube Robot Chicken Cast Interview with Seth Green, Breckin Meyer, Tom Root
@PooltoyWolf seth green lookin ass, lol.
@Thuggish_J @XSuicide_SquadX if you're gonna be 90s Seth Green, you're gonna need goggles.
RT @Cat1ntheHat9: There's a Seth Green looking mother fucker at Steak 'n Shake
Seth Green (@SethGreen) • Made some new friends and probably got possessed at @knottsscaryfarm this weekend. Happy…
After doctors gave him diagnose: severe autism that disables him from speaking. “While he was in the hospital, we...
There's a Seth Green looking mother fucker at Steak 'n Shake