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RT @BrucePascoe: Jay Williams gets teepeed for picking UCLA
RT @hale_razor: Tell me more about concerns for a free press when WH attacked a reporter for daring to ask Obama a tough question.
James O'Connor and Ali Williams held on Paris cocaine charge
@georgieperks4 shocking, why's Williams not on that second one
RT @BrucePascoe: Jay Williams gets teepeed for picking UCLA
RT @lcwilli1: Have a great weekend #TWDFamily ☀️#WSCAtlanta 2016 #AndrewLincoln #NormanReedus #StevenYeun #RossMarquand…
The New Orleans Pelicans made moves yesterday, releasing Omri Casspi in order to sign Reggie Williams to the team.
RT @azdesertswarm: Jay Williams picks UCLA, toilet paper rains down
@Mike_P_Williams @realDonaldTrump Facts Are facts dude. When you see them you can't hand them. The media is bullshit.
RT @sportingnews: The Cavaliers are expected to sign both Deron Williams and Andrew Bogut.
EastEnders wat you doing ????😂😂😂😂😂😂
Aric Williams loses 7-10 against Guse from Madison in the semifinals.
Something you don't see everyday...Jay Williams picking my Bruins to…
RT @theMMQB: Mel Kiper on the NFL draft, then & now (including what to look for at the combine). @kalynkahler's Talking Football…
RT @undisputed: If Deron Williams and Andrew Bogut end up with the Cavs, LeBron James will finally have the pieces he needs for ano…
Tax Time Special- Match Downpayment!!!! REDUCED BLOWOUT SALE PRICE (Walt Williams Rd.) $39999 3bd 1056ft2
RT @McCullough_UA: Jay Williams picks UCLA to win tonight's showdown with #ArizonaWildcats and is promptly pelted with toilet paper by…
RT @BleacherReport: Deron Williams reportedly interested in joining the Cavs should he clear waivers
The Jump 2017: Has Spencer Matthews been AXED from the show after sustaining horrific injury?…