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8yr old Olivia Burton, drive volley practice massive serena Williams hea...
RT @FA_taegi: งื้อออออออออ 'ยัยน่ารักจอมเย็นชากับนายเซ่อซ่าหลงยุค' 😂😍 #taegi #vga Cr.loon_tic
RT @thefader: .@GQMagazine We caught up with the greatest tennis player of all time.
@serena_scorzoni dopo tutto cio che fai ti invito al mio compleanno del 20 maggio chiamami e ti invito in sicilia a festeggiare b sabato.te.
can you not disrespect serena, she literally breathed
RT @thefader: .@GQMagazine We caught up with the greatest tennis player of all time.
katherine would highkey never waste time with serena
RT @jairoestradal: Misión Electoral Especial - Y aquí, para culminar, lo que no excluye lectura atenta y serena de las tandas anterior…
Bajo el maaaar,vive serena siendo sirena,eres feliiiiiz!🎶😍 #UnSabadoDeCuento #LaSirenita
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@serena_teampbn Ivory Keys - Khaab (Akhil) On Piano, Enjoy 😊
Bajo el maaaar bajoo el maaar vives serena siendo sirenaaa
Bajo el mar, bajo el mar vives serena siendo sirena tu eres feliz...
Vive serena siendo sirena eres felíz
RT @holbywolfe: Can we just appreciate that when Serena types 'beautiful' her predictive text suggests 'girlfriend'
RT @RawiSaad: The lyrics to the song Jealous are just .......
@serena_coks がんばっておわらせる!!
@prevttygirl -consigliando queste canzoni. e due; melanie non è troia, e neanche serena, non sai nemmeno il significato di quella parola
RT @FreddyAmazin: i just saw this on tumblr and i'm crying this poor baby
I'm not sure what this is asking. But Elena and Serena
Shift over! Home time! 😜😝😛 @ Mombasa Serena Beach Hotel
Check out the highly-rated eBook "The Measure of Katie Calloway" by Serena Miller #kindle