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@JemilahMahmood kenal saya lagi tak? Sy join Mercy on the eve Sept 11.
Andrea Raynor served as a chaplain to the morgue at Ground Zero after Sept 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.
The Jonestown mass suicide in 1978 was responsible for the largest loss of American civilian life in a deliberate act prior to Sept 11, 2001
@SpeakerRyan @MSNBC Out of respect 4 all the surviving families I hope that Trump doesn't preside over any 911 ceremonies come Sept 11, 2017
@AnnaJussme hahaha followed back- you know Maril is Sept 11
RT @Justice4TS: Sept 11, 2016:👮🏻cruiser w/o🚨on pulls out in front of #TerrenceSterling on his 🏍. 👮🏻shoot TS in the back. 👮🏻get 💵vac…
@lainnafader @JackSmithIV I thought I was over my Sept. 11 PTSD but I guess not!
Heart disease 614,000 + cancer 591,000 = 1.2M American deaths. That's 401 Sept. 11's - each year. Now let's chat about those @NIH cuts.
@FiveRights I was in downtown manhattan on sept 11. Were you?
George Bush Sr. New World Order Live Speech Sept 11 1991 via @YouTube
kenneth in the (212): NYPD Officer Who Made Headlines for Twerk at Gay Pride Parade Dies of Sept. 11-Related Cancer
@michaelharrisdr @Reuters What the hell was he doing in America after the Sept 11 attacks in the first place? #Illegally here from Niger
@momma_moral well I can say that two good things came from Sept. 11 your birthday and my late grandfather's.
Trump's 'haters and losers' Sept. 11 tweet vanishes
@Polkameister An American group went to NFLD last Sept 11 to honor the people of Gander at the 911 Memorial..JT missed that one
Sept. 11 was not the first time the Keating family counted a hero among them, but the attack on the World Trade...
@SpeakerRyan @MSNBC How will Trump, after his 911 lie, honor victims & their surviving families including children this coming Sept 11, 2017
RT @sealeney: Benghazi: Guards Removed Sept 11 #MAGA #LockHerUp #pizzagate #AmericaFirst #ObamaGate #cdnpoli #Brexit #Wiretapping…
@CountryCrafts @realDonaldTrump Hey there. In case you forgot, Sept. 11, 2001.
In the year 2000, before Sept 11. Defense spending was 16% of the budget. Last year it was 56% plus 6% for...
Amber will be recording on KBS national idol singing the Chuseok special on September 11 but what about the filming of mv on Sept. 11? Lol
RT @NGhoussoub: Trudeau catches Broadway musical that celebrates Canadian compassion for international travelers after Sept.11
RT @SapperE847: @tographer @nicholaswolfson @BlissTabitha @NayLahKnee @ScottPresler I don't see how ppl want Muslims next door neighbors after Sept. 11 2001