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@abdophoto I’m pretty sure all phones slow down a bit when new software is installed....can’t believe people actual…
RT @RedTRaccoon: Trump is in Alabama supporting Luther Strange Send @realdonaldtrump a message by RETWEETING support for Doug Jones…
Well apparently he is home being taken care of. Regardless I send my prayers to Brosz and his family.
RT @ahmadhaafiz: Phone aku jela caring dgn aku. Selalu jer send "higher volume will damage your hearing" okok
Jacobabad ki tez tareen news har waqt update zulam k khilaf coruption k khilaf no 1 NEWS Follow Rawahinews send to 40404 p SIDIQUE RAWAHI
di ko gets math, send help
RT @theylovesham: send a quick prayer up for ya loved ones tonight 💗
RT @mrbenwexler: I mean I guess if I die from a congenital heart defect at least it helped send Tom Price to Philly on a private jet
@AReagh24 Mate I’m jumping off to bed but send through a message if you need
@RealFreezd Hey Chris, that's not cool! Please send us your Windows and Spotify version numbers. We'll take a look backstage /BH
RT @KiranADavid: And send us haircut money while you at it.
@Ashley_Acuna11 Lies send a pic
RT @Starrider2276: @ScottPresler @my6girls2012 Everyone getting up and walking out of a Stadium would send a very strong message to th…
RT @rafaelalencarof: With desire... Send me your best pictures.
Probably gonna send some "see a chug send a chug" in the near future.
SOME BOYS ARE PIGS!!! 1. You come on my page where it clearly says I'm in a relationship and 2. Send this¿? Wth is…
Someone send me a link for the Valdez servania card please
Dard Hi Ehtajaaj Karta Ha,,* - Zakham To Be'Zuban Hotay Hain owner ADNAN 03112901487 Follow @DiL_Ki_poerty1 Send 40404
RT @peluangterkini: Pgn sofa/kitchen set bs desain sndiri dgn harga pabrik? hub @EniraJoni WA: ;
@MJVDX Send me the pictures 🙄
@messenger why does the app crash??? 😭 send help asap
@TJsDJs Where can I send it this my new single
Send him down to Miami! He'll have a four year extension waiting for him
RT @Crowd_indicator: Just a reminder: we don't send ETH address in email. We send unique link to our website Please carefully check it
RT @ahmadhaafiz: Phone aku jela caring dgn aku. Selalu jer send "higher volume will damage your hearing" okok