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RT @DonnyThompsonBB: Excited to be watching @DerrickL on tonight's premiere of #OJsimpson The Missing Evidence on @DiscoveryID
RT @ranceypants: Time to watch my man @DerrickL do what he does best....
also for your consideration: tyler seguin.
RT @SoReIatable: If Kendall Jenner is having an "acne nightmare" and "big breakout" then i must be having a near death experience wi…
@FeitsBarstool remember when Dave didn't got out to party with Seguin after they won the cup? #clubdave @BarstoolBigCat @ColeyMick
RT @WeLoveRobDyrdek: Obama laughing at his own jokes 😂 I'm gonna miss him
@seguinstars he walked off/disappeared into the crowd before I could point out Seguin was trying to get it to me
Slipped under the radar a bit, but Brad Marchand currently has more points than Tyler Seguin.
RT @seguinstars: "learn to park tyler seguin"
RT @seguinstars: "learn to park tyler seguin"
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@TheColeHolden you gone see how my seguin hoops select team used to do it if they do show up
RT @jrhockeynetwork: Titans Make It Six Straight with Win in Seguin Over Huskies @TheGMHL @Titanshockey
can't hold on forever
@TheeGDawg you not to far from seguin you gon have to square up for that