This is me. There's such a small chance in seeing them why put so much effort into it
RT @RegisGalo_13: Essa é a nossa realidade. O PSOL é um saco de gatos de oportunistas e ex petistas E o outro é o Crivella...
@hbs_skyn 雨天の野外で投げた経験が少ないんちゃう
RT @Fact: Martin Luther King died when he was 39 years old. An autopsy found that he actually had the heart of a 60 year old from stress.
extraño a bel y no se despierta la forra💔
@a_alhanyan ماهي رويتك بالمدرب الجديد
La estrategia electoral fue muy exitosa hasta el 6D-15; a partir de esta fecha se convirtió en esperanza vana.Se abre nueva etapa
@lunarxecps je me demande qui te l'a conseiller
And to think these two never would have met without me. I think I'm a superb matchmaker. #Marlana
" تذكروا جميعاً ان الفشل ليس عكس النجاح .. انما جزء منه "
"y a plus de louna""on l'a perdue"
@_Noursa لا اللي من شعبة 5E4 وراح تختبر مع شعبة ثانيه مو لا زم تحضر
RT @wtvgirly: Prefiro mil vezes frio a chuva, juro
RT @queen_meggles: October's almost over and I haven't watched a scary movie, carved a pumpkin, or been to any haunted houses.😐
@StompingStezza good luck! I'm waiting for them reply to me for a question about it! My delivery is now expected 28th an I paid upfront!
RT @memesargentina: Cada vez que compres un electrodoméstico #BGH (Boris Garfunkel e Hijos), recordá que estas alimentado a estos giles…
A menina inocente se envolveu com a gente 🎶😊
@Loudly_Riot_A 佐倉京太郎が一緒に飲んでやるよ、一人ぼっちは寂しいもんな
RT @Gurmeetramrahim: Jam packed cinemas, long queues at ticket counters. A wonderful environment of celebrations all around.…
RT @RMCFMaroc: "En el Corazón de la Undécima" sera diffusé demain à 21:00 GMT+1 sur Real Madrid TV !
RT @ColtonLHaynes: Im not meant to leave the house lol. Im just not meant to have a social life & ya know what...that's ok! Being antisocial isn't a crime!😘❤️