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Vortex - Barità (Original)
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RT @abiwoldhuis: Sage advice from @BrionyScott about maintaining balance amongst the vortex of school life. Look after yourself and remember to stop #rwln
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RT @TheScaryNature: Pufferfish caught in a swirling vortex of bubbles caused by warm and cold water currents colliding
I followed a bunch of people following @quartzarmy and they are all his vortex accounts lmao look at the bio of Vik…
THE VORTEX OPERATES 24/7 👩🏾‍💻Learn more here: 👀Watch the brief video 📞Contact me so you ca…
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Falling out of the #vortex can be downright #PAINFUL... here's how you get back into #alignment #flow #Growth #LOA
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