Sedona Vortex

RT @GX9901DX1209: 竹村佳奈さん、あと 41人 で 1,300フォロワー達成! 最近は、撮影会もがんばってます。 #奈良 #京都 #東京 #アイドル #モデル #撮影会 @kanaaa0506 竹村佳奈
My sleep schedule has been terrible lately
How weird is it to fight yourself in a temporal vortex? And MK's malignant self was kicking his butt.…
I liked a @YouTube video Vortex Official | صعب تفهموني
Not everyone wants chocolate for Easter. Try a Vortex Optics Guide Binopack Binocular Harness P300 instead.
I liked a @YouTube video Vortex - No Respect Homie
RT @atype55: SCPがマイブームなのでざっくり漫画で紹介します。 今回はSCP-2295。 #SCPをざっくり紹介
He's a total paranoid ass! He thinks I'm part of the Vortex Club. Yeah, right.
The sound vortex at 8:53 of Truckers Atlas, Amirite?
RT @RGothoskar: TW: Suicide for the next few tweets - but this is LITERALLY how we lose brilliant students to the painful vortex that is higher education!!!
Abraham Hicks The art to feel the Roadmap to your Vortex brilliant segment #Inspiration
I liked a @YouTube video JXR - VORTEX (Original Mix)