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@carlsonhrry Carol was shot several times last season finale. She was saved by The Empire guys
RT @JoshMcDermitt: I recommend rewatching last year's season finale and then rolling into the premiere. #TheWalkingDead
The season finale of #HighMaintenance was so good man
The strain the season finale of the strain makes me upset....
The Walking Dead put me under so much stress like legit no other show ever made my heart beat out of my chest like the season 6 finale did
This @WalkingDead_AMC should have been last season's finale.
But damn, what an episode. At least they made up for that BS season finale. Made me actually feel sick to my stomach. #TWD
Só queria dizer que esse é um dos melhores season finale. It's beautiful. ❤️ #Hannibal
Toronto wins regular-season finale, misses first-round bye - SFGate.. Related Articles:
Morning Update: Cubs head to Cleveland; Fire lose in season finale: In today's edition of the Morning U... #CUBS
@Videogamesteve5 @Dezmonsta_757 @TheGamer2323 @gyazoApp if you ask me the whole episode could've been the season 6 finale.
@chellesarcsm hahahaha. Sa mid season finale si daryl na 😇
@Videogamesteve5 @Dezmonsta_757 @TheGamer2323 @gyazoApp that could've all been shown during the season finale.
RT @JoshMcDermitt: I recommend rewatching last year's season finale and then rolling into the premiere. #TheWalkingDead
10/10 don't recommend grey's anatomy.....season 8 finale will leave you heartbroken :(((((((((
Gostei de um vídeo @YouTube de @AtaqueDaCasa Overwatch #01 - SAFADA DEMAIS | Ataque da Casa (SEASON FINALE)
Ya ocupo un mid-season finale en mi vida.
I'm still not over how the Walking Dead producers/writers fucked us with that season finale cliffhanger. Gonna be hard to mend that one.
RT @gomesbruno_: cara o andrew lincoln merecia uma indicaçaozinha ao Emmy só pela atuação nessa season finale #zunbificando
RT @roboromantic: Finally watched the season finale of #RescueBots and LOVED it, it introduces so much potential for a fifth season, I hope it gets picked up
@iCGatsby I enjoyed season 6 actually except for the shitty finale
@jebfd I need a therapy after every season beginning and after every season finale #twd damn!!!
RT @altarandthrone: Season 7 premiere tonight! Remember the lessons S6 finale taught: #TWD #WalkingDeadSeason7…
RT @joanmarieee: I only watch the season premiere or finale of TWD bc they're the most interesting/make my lil sis cry