Top Google search: 'Is Hillary a Republican?'
me @ 9 pm: goodnight :)) me, still awake 3 hours later: google search why did asuka call shinji pathetic while he was choking her to death
RT @AdiAlsaid: Being a writer leads to very confusing Google search histories. In a related note, there aren't a ton of famous Walters with a moustache.
#RobertKinnison is being trolled he is not a killer please do a Google Search of his name. October 24, 2016 at 11:15PM
Gboard keyboard for iOS is really awesome. Predictive text is good and searching/sharing links etc via google search is made easy. Free too.
RT @mollyligonn: #SourcesHaveConfirmed that the best place to hide a body is page 2 of Google search results
relationship goals football and cheerleader - Google Search
google search: how to die
@Inkforwords Reference photos ;) Now I just got lost in a "men's sleepwear" google search, phew. Poor Stiles.
How I ruined my life in about 140 characters (and a google search seconds later lmao)
whats fucked up is that its easier for me to google search a vague description of a gif to find it than to get it from twitter
@chicitysports Funny enough I have sources too. Took a 5 second Google Search. He's not bright though.
RT @PorygonNews: Battlefield 1 creates surge of new Google search trends: "where is Suez" "was WWI real" "how many gunshots to kill a horse in real life"
.@LovePeacePgh @joeybagovdonuts - a quick Google search reveals Joanie , aka Erin Moran, was down and out and homeless. Huh...
Quick Google Search...Query:クラウドファンディング
RT @legendofchelda: Google search for 'weird bird' does NOT disappoint
australian shepherd pics - Google Search
google search: i am in love with a 3d model?
@KEEMSTAR how far did you have to scroll down in a Google search to find this
Quick Google Search...Query:薬機法 pmda
Last Google search in my phone: "what animals prey on snakes." Because I have a six-year-old.
Find your polling place on Google Search #Everyonein2016
RT @DBGrinberg: Do U like #AnthonyHopkins #EdHarris & #EvanRachelWood? Love #Lost? Intrigued by #AI #Robotics #Gaming?…