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RT @Green_Footballs: The guy who incites his audiences to violence directly blames a violent act on Clinton that she had *nothing* to do with. @realDonaldTrump
RT @CarmenLuna777: Trump's worried abt Mexicans & Muslims. I'm worried about the homegrown terrorists he's creating with hate speeches. HIS SUPPORTERS.
RT @MarVoreeOFCLP: We'll continue to sail captain. We're always here for you and Vivoree. Salute MARVOREE
RT @VivoreeOfc: Ang importante ngayon is save si vivoree Thank u s lhat ng bumoto,nagDonate,nagpuyat its all worth it Thank u Lord God #PBBTeenEvict
RT @jordangigilofc: the different sides of Jordan.. angry. happy. loving 💙💙
RT @_MicoCruz: 12 days left til the big day at the Music Museum #TOPinConcert Thanks Kathryn ❤️
RT @PBBVivoree: Congrats to us team Vivoree,nananatili parin ang Vivoree natin.Sa lahat ng mga nag effort at ngpuyat para bumuto thank you thank you guys.
RT @OfficialKBB: Happy happy birthday, Direk Olive Inang! 🎉🎂 Thanks for giving us BALU. More projects with Kath and KathNiel. More p…
RT @jacktheworm: Old Polish man- "Smokings gunna kill ya" Me- "Yeah, we're all livin to die, old man" I've never felt more like Steven Seagal
Gonna audition to be a SeaGal in hopes to marry a player #lol
RT @KathNielSwag26: Even during personal errands, they still agree to take pictures with their fans. I totally chose the right people t…
Dahil sa Rockwell kagabi ng KathNiel napanaginipan ko sila nakapag-papicture daw ako HAHAHAHA SANA TOTOO NALANG 😍😍😭😭💙💙
@ADaimiel Pareja única. Gracias por habernos ofrecido manera diferente de ver deporte. Esa charla de Steven Seagal es única! #jugón
@guchiakaoku 高橋優太じゃね?
Jonathan Livingston Steven Seagal #FilmACeleb
Steven Seagal también es una buena opción JAJAJAJJAJAA
RT @s_cala: Trump Produced This Sexist Reality Show He Doesn’t Want You To Know About -
RT @YahyaJohn: @realDonaldTrump I'm having such a great time watching your campaign implode. You deserve everything coming to you on Election Day. 🍿🌽
@Tom_Seagal 見るもんなんもないからな!
Lol I haven't watched a Steven Seagal in a hot minute
@candid_albicans jajajajjaja, pero como Steven Seagal, impasible.