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RT @ChaseBlosser: Shepherd's Conference 2017 Notes: Seeing Christ in All of Scripture? Abner Chou via @wordpressdotcom
TODAY is the last day to order our limited edition T-shirts and Scripture Memory Cards (swipe…
RT @ChaseBlosser: Shepherd's Conference 2017 Notes: Seeing Christ in All of Scripture? Abner Chou via @wordpressdotcom
Scripture tells us there is life and death in the power of the tongue. How many times do we complain rather than proclaim?
@chaustilha @guardian no kkk and Isis are very very different. Tell me why does Isis have scripture that they quote from regularly?
HEALING SCRIPTURE Matthew 12:35,36,37
According to the Scripture, there would have been unmistakably 144,000 Jews sealed during 19C. #ApocalypticTimeline
Scripture is silent on the role, of Saint Joseph. Yet, the Lord used his trust, his unmentioned fiat
A woman named Patience gave me this scripture & said to read it…
"Everyone in the BIble was trans!" well lets read the part of scripture youre "SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE BIG…
Funny... people hurt your feelings, then they use God or scripture to absolve themselves vs simply apologizing... lol!
gonna turn in my scripture and some of my pages when 3.56 comes out too so i can finally narrow down my huge ass list of gear to select
RT @TrueIndology: Exposed? Manusmriti was considered a great moral scripture even by earliest known Tamilian kings of far south
RT @TaralovesJesus2: Denominations are stumbling blocks! Teaching doctrines based on their own understanding rather than allowing SCRIPT…
"I will be with you, even until the end of the world"-God to MLK Jr. I know scripture is real when God paraphrases it to me. #GNS21
@atleasttim lol, (uses scripture to support position ) "I don't need to demonstrate anything because I'm an atheist!"
RT @arunsingh57: If being the noble sons of India, you honour the Geeta as a religious Scripture. #Yatharth_Geeta_धर्मशास्त्र
RT @arunsingh57: World spiritual teacher India doesn't have scripture,India is devoid of a religious scripture. #Yatharth_Geeta_धर्मशास्त्र
RT @ronniefloyd: “When you do not believe in the absolute authority of Scripture, anything goes.” @aigkenham
RT @MommaSavage_: Let's lay outside and get lost in scripture🌞