Tweets about a recent trend: Scousers

@wakeywhite @Du_Navet @RugbyDiscipline bollocks talk like scousers. Watch johnny vegas video
RT @joewhitehead__: "flights or train travel to Liverpool" so scousers aren't allowed to win the prize then hahaha
@LoveTheShirt if we beat the scousers tomorrow can we all just go nuts and party all night?
OH it was my dad ! Ok some dude wore a top w an actual hillsborough joke so scousers found his address and sent a whole host of #fun #pranks
@RoxieBaby17 well done babes. Solid. Or as you red dragon scousers say. #tidy 👍💪💪😂. Seriously tho i like that. Keep hold of him.
Can't stick scousers, it's in my blood line so I'll say what I want. 😂 #thismorning
crazy how close Liverpool and Manchester are yet I can hardly understand scousers
Ledley King: This is how Tottenham can beat Liverpool in front of the Kop An early goal would finish off Scousers
@WilloAlan @cbiglegal @NicolaSturgeon proper scousers can also spell scousers correctly second time of asking...
@mgmtfansclub pikeys are even lower than scousers they would actually steal your bell on your bike and sell it for scrap metal
@SamanthaGeal Yeah Scousers will be due a turn around and our away form especially at Anfield is a worry Gonna be Nervy #coys
@SamanthaGeal Morning Sam Yeah OK Working nights all weekend So can't even watch the Game tomo Win required but Scousers will go for it x
Will never know where all these widnes scousers have come from 😳😕🙈
@thelonelyldnr Same with you I bet when you're speaking 160bpm to those Scousers loooool
@derrymathews23 That video of him doon the smoke looking for scousers was cringeworthy, pathetic and maladroit. Howay Derry lad, do him
@derrymathews23 bet you he won't be looking for scousers that day
@Sidneykidney4 @Du_Navet @RugbyDiscipline They talk like scousers, support liverpool & live on merseyside-within ci…
No beak left in Hamburg after this wknd judging by the 40 scousers on our plane
RT @BullysSpeedboat: Liverpool sayings: Top 26 things only Scousers say - a guide to the Scouse dictionary @bafrombrookie
RT @Monstar_Man: Saturday: 2pm - Gooners v Hull 5pm - United 😍 v Watford 7pm - Scousers v Spurs My day is fully booked 😍🔥 @premierleague love you so much.