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@geoburlos Anymore 'signage' on them things & Jamie won't see the Safety Car lights or Scottie or Garth ... oh wait, hang on ... LOL
Beam me up, Scottie! And before Friday!
PnB & Boogie like Scottie & Jordan
Scottie came in my room and started eating my muddy buddies for the longest and then said "I don't even like these" whyyy 😂😂😂
RT @JamieCharles21: Fuck have we missed Jonjo over the last 5 games! His passing could find Bin Laden's corpse! #NUFC @nufcfans @NUFC360
Datsmydjpresents SK-TheShowmeMixShow(After67(2K17)UrbanThrowbacks: via @YouTube
So Lebron didn't need DWade Chris...Micheal didn't need Scottie and Dennis....Paul didn't need RAY And KG....Tim Di…
Harvey & Scottie | True Love - Looking for a girl who can whip me into place and also make love to me like a champ.
@ScottieRowland Hi Scottie, I sent email to you, but never received your reply.
You guy's need to watch this it's amazing how they build the Speakers + with power then test it as it's being...
@Miyabi_Scottie まぁとりあえず行くかも?
RT @VictoriaQOTD: I fell off a diving board in Guernsey you know. I can't stand on coconut matting either.
RT @noclador: If you go to the #Holocaust Memorial in #Berlin and take tasteless selfies artist @ShahakShapira will shame you 👍🏼…
RT @K_IngalaSmith: WTAF? Polanski is a child rapist.
RT @CNN: Pro-LGBT rights protesters hold dance party outside Vice President-elect Mike Pence's home
RT @ProstateUK: 1️⃣ in 4️⃣ black men will get prostate cancer. Don’t avoid your risk – spread the word.…
@dale_fromcali but the main two were drafted there(MJ and Scottie)Dennis came over after winning a ring in Detroit. So what's your argument
RT @CNN: After 18 days and nearly 8,000 miles, China's first freight train to the UK has reached London…
RT @alandhisguitar: I tell people my dog is the worst, they don't believe me. Now hard video evidence emerges.
RT @Learntoskywatch: One day on Mercury (sunrise to sunrise) is longer than one year on Mercury (one orbit around the Sun)
RT @femmenistfatale: I would have chosen to get another job after the Hillsborough verdict if I worked 4 The Sun but there we go