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@miss_scottie think would replace dark one with lime green
@miss_scottie me too...not necessarily those colours, although they are lovely
RT @CodyJohnsonBand: Texarkana! I'll see y'all tonight at Scottie's Grill.... takin the stage at 8:30 #CoJoNation
@TiO4SCOTTiE yeehaw Scottie :) yeehaw
Meek Wah beat up Akademiks 😭😂
@sueveneer I love the brights 😎
RT @TheTaeWae: Damn she griping them edges and they wild for watching 😂😂😂😂😂😂
@scottie_worthy I'm literally doing that rn
RT @VivaciousWritin: Brooklyn folks, please remember! Don't even go there to use the restroom
“rawness is so attractive, because so much is being filtered nowadays.” - Scottie Waves (via...
@cos_kobato 4人くらいが限界やで???? くっそせまいで?????
RT @0jj3265r19r4f1c: モイ!iPhoneからキャス配信中 -おけい、 / 音量注意
RT @scotfire_MELSB: Exercise drawing to a conclusion at Walkerburn. Great effort by @fire_scot crews. @steveRmitch @scottie_steven…