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Irony Watch: Scott Roeder, Eric Rudolph, Robert Dear, etc. were American citizens, too. #gopdebate
And all terrorists are Muslim jihadists, like Tim McVeigh, Richard Jewell, Robert Dear, Scott Roeder, & Dylann Roof.
@stevesilberman @ricksantorum …except for the Catholic ones. Like Tim McVeigh. or 'Born Again' Christian Scott Roeder.
@robinmarty @ClinicEscort Sullenger is a convicted clinic bomber. Her phone #was found in Scott Roeder's car after he murdered Dr. Tiller.
@AbbyJohnson Scott Roeder is a hero
@lhgmw @cspanwj Dylann Roof was a Lutheran, Scott Roeder was a born again Christian. Do you think Liberals made them take up Christianity?
@coy325ic @GoodTwitty Don't Forget Robert Dear,James Holmes,Adam Lanza, Timothy McVeigh, Eric Harris, Dylan Klebold & Scott Roeder
@JonDelange @KirkWalden @PHC_News right and moral. Just like Scott Roeder
@WFBfan I’m guessing what you saw on Fox was partisan efforts to distance Dear and Scott Roeder from the anti-abortion movement.
Bill O'Reilly created Scott Roeder. The guy who murdered Dr. Tiller. about Scott Roeder's assassination of Dr. George Tiller? @TheLexZane @VeggieNinja23 @prosediva @SeanKD
2 Scott Roeder, Army of God 'hero'
@borderorder @mickivoss They didn't say that about Scott Roeder but they also didn't call him a terrorist either which he was.
.@davidharsanyi Robert Dear did both. As did Paul Hill, who killed Dr Britton. And Scott Roeder, who shot Dr Tiller in church.
@Montel_Williams Scott Roeder made similar remarks. Groups that promote attacks on abortion (Op Rescue, Live Action etc) are not innocent.
@suzanneblueblue He? Scott Roeder, Jim David Adkisson, Paul Jennings Hill, Eric Rudolph, James Charles Kopp, John C. Salvi -the list goes on
Tim McVeigh! Ku Klux Klan, Wade Page, Scott Roeder, Eric Rudolph,Dylan Roof, Robert Dear, Christopher Harper-Mercer
@horsesandhounds James Holmes, Robert Dear, Dylann Roof, Scott Roeder, Unabomber, Jim Adkisson, McVeigh, Eric Rudolph, Joe Stack, Glen Cross
@CiaraCelina I've just looked it up, Scott Roeder shot him in the church. 50yrs minimum, no parole.
@robroy4611 Scott Roeder was a self proclaimed soldier of God and felt that he was doing the lords work.
@robroy4611 here's one the murder of dr George Tiller by anti-abortion terrorist Scott Roeder. Prime example of Christian terrorist
@MarcoRayes At the gym, but here’s a couple to get you started; Timothy McVeigh, Frank Silva Roque, Scott Roeder, Jim David Adkisson