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I liked a @YouTube video Bill Burr's Scientology Story
Tom Cruise would be extremely attractive if he wasn't into that weird Scientology shit.
I feel it would make sense if #Trump was into Scientology...
#ECT #Electroshock #Scientology cult tactics for fund raising. Similiar strategies used against "satan" & "gays" in…
@TakeThatCult CCHR is a cover for Scientology, and she probably doesn't even know that
Thinkin 'bout: Scientology
My Scientology Movie was amazing... I adore @louistheroux
WHAT IS FREEDOM OF RELIGION? You can now read online OR download a .pdf version of this important booklet.
The Trump campaign is a like if Scientology ran for office.
@_sushey I forgot he was the man until I watched Scientology yesterday
RT @johnalexwood: Tom Cruise says Scientology is a Beautiful Religion!: via @YouTube
I just watched an ad for scientology on youtube...WTF?
RT @AvidMiskaridge: Somewhere, someone is indoctrinating a child to fear mental health professionals & follow #Scientology using fear p…
Just been to see 'My Scientology Movie' by @louistheroux. Absolutely fantastic, and so hilarious that I actually snorted... embarrassing.
@devduthie @Jastockton2 Scientology also uses advanced mind techniques. Freemasonry relies most on their member's information about the
@TomCruise wanna join my cult? We worship short people #Scientology
I cannot wait to see Louis' Scientology film! He's a national treasure
@Scientology_411 plz share with others like you since I dont know any and tried to tweet to several but ur the only one to reply
I look forward to watching the movie!
RT @AvidMiskaridge: .@johnalexwood A beautiful mess of a cult, tick tock scientology.
RT @Scientology: Meet Aaron, a skateboarder who shares how Scientology helped him to learn tricks easier.
.@johnalexwood A beautiful mess of a cult, tick tock scientology.
RT @TCFilmFest: "My Scientology Movie" will be screened tomorrow at 515PM! Get your tickets now! #documentary #tcff16
@devduthie @Jastockton2 showing you who we are. This is opposite to the mirroring techniques Freemasonry, Illuminati, Scientology use: not