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@mrpatno0819 are you calling Izzy fat
Gooootta stop leaving pens in my pockets because I have like no clothes now ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
RT @DierksBentley: our other dog george has been so lonesome since jake left us... thanks @nashvillehumane @HumaneSociety. need a name!
@MKBHD I'm just 😡that there isn't a way to put slide to unlock back #ios10
RT @Country_Words: I want to change your name, I want to call you mine, I want to make you smile at least a million times. -Chase Bryant
RT @chanjones55: Nothin real can be threatened.
@Vinny_eramo you do that. I'll just be over here being a fucking sloth
RT @BleacherReport: .@CSimmsQB reveals his NFL Power Rankings after the first week of football with a new No. 1 👀
@N_Schiavone9 @katienealll Jesus schiavone youre such a fuck up
RT @natalie_meeks: Um Michele waited a half an hour for her pizza to cook and then took a shower when it was done BEFORE EATING IT #reasonsihatemeech
RT @GAVlNREACTS: when you hit the snooze button and wake up 2 hours later
@N_Schiavone9 @katienealll what's the context of this tweet schiavone? Was it a reply to another tweet? I'm lost lol
I'm laying in bed when there's literally 3000 other things I should be doing
@RighteousJesse touchy Tony Schiavone's basement of horrors
RT @KardashianReact: High scool: outline 4 chapters due tomorrow sorry guys just preparing u for college College: take the online quiz by next sunday
Which Halloween Havoc has Tony Schiavone dressed as a pedophile?
@MercuryCrusader this is different from Bischoff and Schiavone's commentary how
RT @EmilyOdonohue: I'm a really strange girl
@hayschiavone @reIatabIe If I go down I'm taking you with me 😭💔