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What's the best part about living in Delta, BC? Never having to say you're Surrey. Hahahaha #CanadianJokes
you know what. i'm gonna say it. niggas ain't shit. never was. never will be.
You say you change but you never change 4422
RT @MDRN1: In a 35+ career in nursing I can say I've never willingly done anything remotely illegal. I've made mistakes & owned up to them. #BreathTest
RT @HawkinsBritney: don't ever say "you never hit me up anymore" to me, cuz a phone works both ways
RT @sadbomi: bomi was watching ep2 of 미사고, a show for people who never had the chance to say “i love you,” “thank you,” or “im s…
10 Things You Should Never Say In A Text Message
@SantiagoJones @Drachensturm711 I can honestly say I've never actually watched it.
RT @TyDurdenthe1: "I don't have room for dessert." Things people I could never hang out with say
Don't ever let someone say your not good enough! You are! Never give up and show your true abilities! You can becom…
RT @RealPostMaIone: They say its real if it comes back, I say its real if it never left.
Outside of working at subway I never used the word veggies. I always say vegetables 🤔
RT @speechboy71: I feel like the only people who ever say this are people who've never worked for an American company
I've never met a black New Yorker that had anything nice to say about Trump and that piece explains a lot about why that is
RT @austin_walker: I let @RobZacny keep this headline. Never let him say I didn't give him anything.
RT @YUSUFFKHAIRI: Adults spend too much time on Facebook. I never believe I'm going to say this. But children, please pantau what your parents are doing on FB
RT @llaurenkerr: do boys actually feel bad after hurting a girl or do the just say sorry and never think about how much he affected her life
@helenblake @Hinchtown Hi Helen. I just saw this. I have never posted on Twitter before but wanted to say "Hi ". You're looking good !!!
RT @birbigs: Hannity's point is that people just "know" that his show is only opinions. But: 1. It doesn't say it on the scree…
RT @fameOnJAZ: How you say you street & you never been in it ?🤔
RT @SadScreenshots_: People always say they want to talk to you, but never make the effort to go through with it
RT @david8hughes: They say you are what you eat but I don't remember eating an asshole. Actually, it's kinda coming back to me. Never mind.
RT @BrandyLJensen: you really need never take seriously the political insights of people who say single payer is impossible
He better hope I never start to mean some of the shit I say
RT @ThomasSowell: "Those who say that all cultures are equal never explain why the results of those cultures are so grossly unequal."