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RT @thekernelspeaks: O Hello U Coward Opposition 👉Parliament is Not your dad's property. Don't dare to take Nation 4 Ransom. @OfficeOfRG…
指が6本ある…? 実写版『銀魂』銀さんのビジュアルが話題(シネマトゥデイ) - Yahoo!ニュース #Yahooニュース
RT @RealTillIMetYou: Hello JaDines! The latest episodes are already up on iWantv. If I were you, I wouldn't miss out! #TIMYSpecialDay Cloud
[i get a call while shopping for a duvet] hello? nothing just shopping for a new............wrench
Hello everyone I'm HoneyDulcet honey supplier. If you need large quantity can contact us. Thanks.
Hello good sir can I partake of a cigarette
RT @PLL_random: Hello Aria... Hello Ezra 😂😂😂 Love Team #Sparia #PLL 1x18 #PLLMemoryLane
RT @denazwni: Stop discrimination,Muslims aren't terrorists. Hong Hana has made it clear in the show 👏🏻 Hello Counselor | Im a k…
@SisypheanSperg have you sought out professional mental health counseling? Hello
RT @lemanie24: @delavinkisses hello kisses. Serious threat po ung sinabi ng fan mo kay maymay. I hope nothing happens sa homecom…
RT @Dimplelove21: Hello bebe, galing sa sakit pero blooming parin.. Palakas ka mabuti ha, iloveyou:) @hperalejo HeavenPeralejo IsBac…
RT @almanegrasexe: Hello 😈 #friskyfriday doux réveil! 😘 RT si tu me rejoins vite 🔞! #TGOT18 #boudoir #sex #Y44 #pussy #hotwife…
Hello.. :) Scorpion Princess (bubblegumcity80)
☆3月22日限定 iPhone5s CashBack★ 手機0元+CashBack 1台手機4萬日円CashBack! 2台更多優惠~歡迎電話詢問03-5341-4370 #MNP #SoftBank #CashBank #東京 #智慧
@RoyalMail Hello. My package from Waterstones was apparently delivered today. It's not here. No card through door. Where could it be please?
hello~. Want to ask Stratus a question? Ask it here! That's all for now~! #stratusbot
1 new unfollower and 1 new follower (hello! hello!) in the last day. Via
hello i just woke up from a 3 hour nap ha
Hello.. :) Andy Richmond (ChickenHair_)
RT @TippaCha: Lmao Seohyun only said "hello. I live around here. Goodbye"😂😂😂
If you see an X-Wing parked outside of @CarterSwan’s office building, thats just me stopping by to say hello.