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RT @kinokokarisuma: 【SW5 in LA レポ】 SAVIORで突然始まるへんてこダンスと小芝居www
Please, forgive me, come now into my heart, live inside of me, and be my personal Lord and Savior. 4/7
#nowplaying SAVIOR OF SONG - nano feat. MY FIRST STORY
Jesus, I confess with my mouth, and I believe with my heart, that you are now my Lord and my Savior. 6/7
Мы пойдем против всех, но останемся вдвоем.🌸 @ Church of the Savior…
Wonderful, Merciful Savior - David Gonzalez and Claudius Casan
@Savior_Of_Cas 逆立ちとな!! まずは逆立ちができるように特訓からだ←
The LORD lives! Praise be to my Rock! Exalted be my God, the Rock, my Savior! - 2 Samuel 22:47
RT @kinokokarisuma: 【SW5 in LA レポ】 SAVIORで突然始まるへんてこダンスと小芝居www
RT @kinokokarisuma: 【SW5 in LA レポ】 SAVIORで突然始まるへんてこダンスと小芝居www
RT @Saintly_Life: Always be in prayer for loved ones who have not accepted Christ as their savior
@re_nua_ 그렇습니까...하하...크게 싸울 일은 없을테니 그대도 너무 걱정 마십시오. 이야기는 감사했습니다. 그럼 다음에도 인연이 되길 바랍니다.(고개를 숙여 예를 갖추고 돌아간다)
Eto talaga savior ng wallet ko taon taon. Shortest overdue is two months, longest is seven. #samantalahin
RT @kinokokarisuma: 【SW5 in LA レポ】 SAVIORで突然始まるへんてこダンスと小芝居www
RT @62seabee: A sword has a double edge. It can cut with both but can be the savior of innocence. It is not the Gadgets it those who misuse them. Criminal
RT @CAGchurchzu: The Savior Has Already Returned Upon a “White Cloud” #ivangeli
@Druid_lesse 그렇습니까? 산 짐승 같은 경우엔 위험하지 않으면 유인할 수 있기는 합니다. 원하신다면 다른것도 만지게 해드리죠. 그리고 강제성은 없으니 동물 걱정은 안하셔도 됩니다.(웃음)
RT @ivoryandgoId: I think our Lord and Savior aka Bryan Fuller is trying to send us a message 👀 #Hannibal #SaveHannibal
RT @kinokokarisuma: 【SW5 in LA レポ】 SAVIORで突然始まるへんてこダンスと小芝居www
.... (눈을 꽉 감고 부들부들)
@foryourlight 안녕하세요 움바님! 갑작스럽게 죄송합니다😿 혹시 통판으로 신청했던 회지와 엽서 현장수령으로 변경가능한가요..? 뒤늦게 번거롭게 해드려 정말 죄송해요🙏
RT @RicheyCollazo1: and it's shit you would have never caught as a kid. Aside from Tracy being depicted as the white savior & Pennys jungle fever. it's good.