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걔 행성좌표 까먹었어★
RT @CassiniSaturn: In 4 days, #Cassini will pass within 4,850 miles of #Saturn’s F ring — the closest we’ve ever been.…
Dica pra vida: assistam o clipe oficial de Saturn Barz e os outros clipes de das músicas de #Humanz chapados.
Gorillaz balance 4 nouveaux titres, c'est spatial : Saturn Barz / Andromeda / Ascension / We’ve Got The Power /…
@AbcMasahide1126 炎上待った無しやと思うけどな笑
RT @CharityCr1TiKaL: Big fan of Gorillaz since I was a kid, but this new album ain't getting my dick hard. Loved Saturn Barz video, but song wasn't great
RT @dodo: This cat taught his mom how to love life again!
RT @sega_paradox: Translators for the Splatoon manga wanted! Come help out: #splatoon
1 Mädchen mit SDP Beutel. Hach bin ich doch froh, dass Saturn meine Box nicht da hatte.
RT @hermitage200: Cassini spacecraft captures a rare family photo of three of Saturn’s moons. #photography
RT @sOuLWwX: Gorillaz balance 4 nouveaux titres Saturn Barz / Andromeda / Ascension / We’ve Got The Power / via @AOWleblog
@noodle_ocs and he was like 'yo whats up' and when saturn told him tht's when they spent all night thinking of new better names for saturn
Как же нравк Gorillaz-Saturn Barz